NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 26

– Ryan Seacrest’s line about Steven Tyler loving the attention… I mean, duh.

– ANOTHER finalist sick? This time it is Joshua Ledet. This is strange, no? Hollywood week all over again…

– Watching the Jennifer Lopez/Pitbull video debut felt like déjà vu. By the way, maybe the video was “fun” for you and your 20-something boyfriend JLO, but yes, it is a bit racy.

– At least The Wanted sang live… didn’t sound great… but A for effort.

– Audio engineer didn’t cut Seacrest’s mic quick enough before he asked The Wanted’s Max George if George got to first base with JLO. Hilarious.

– Jimmy Iovine BURYING Hollie Cavanagh – “a bad high school performance.” Ouch.

– Kellie Pickler? Thank goodness I DVR these *hits FF button.*

– Iovine again on point with some sound advice for Phillip Phillips. Kid is talented, if he actually listens instead of pretending to know it all he can be a legit star.

– America got it right by voting off DeAndre, and JLO got it wrong for trying to save him AND throwing her fellow judges under the bus in the process. Heaven forbid Steven or Randy do that to her.

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