NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 27

– I like how “Idol” is evolving as a show by bringing us more than just footage from the house where the finalists live, or clips of what people are saying back in their home towns. I think Tommy Hilfiger and Jimmy Iovine add a lot to the show – and I really feel moving forward they should continue down this path: bringing in known experts to add layers and dimensions to the show and its contestants.

– Why can’t Steven Tyler end a sentence or thought properly? He always finishes on the most awkward note.

– Iovine had a great line during the show: “When she sings, I believe her. That’s what I’ve gone by my whole life.” The man that created Bruce, U2, and GaGa here people.

– Speaking of GaGa, Akon is the guy crazy enough to take a chance on her, and I thought he did OK as a mentor this week.

– Skylar Laine was great but I’m not sure if she can win this competition solely singing country songs.
– You see what Tyler mouthed to the judges after Colton Dixon’s performance? “That was crazy.” He was right.
– I don’t usually comment on the duets, but Elise and Phillip ruined Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know.” Awful interpretation.
– Loved Akon’s anecdote that he wanted to sign and steal away Jessica Sanchez from the show. She was great, as usual.
– Joshua Ledet still has the best voice in this competition, IMHO.
– Another quick side note: Skylar accidentally walking in to Ryan Seacrest’s camera shot before her duet with Colton was hilarious.
– Hollie Cavanagh was better than last week but still isn’t where she should be at this stage of the game.
– Phillip Phillips went 0-for-2 in my book, as he also ruined a Maroon 5 song, and I love that band too.

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