NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 28

– I did not like the way in which the bottom three were presented, with singers being told to take different sides of the stage and then one side pronounced safe and the other as the bottom three. It was weird and awkward, and the contestants who somehow aren’t in the bottom three shouldn’t be spotlighted even more for not making it.

– Was not impressed with James Durbin. Bragging about selling 100,000 copies of your album isn’t too cool either, bro.

– Again Jimmy Iovine nails it on the head: Phillip Phillips was like Dave Mathews covering Maroon 5. Awful.

– I thought Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo were solid.

– Loved that Skylar Laine wouldn’t play along with Seacrest’s game of which group was the bottom three. Also loved Colton Dixon’s face when he found out that it was Jessica Sanchez in the bottom three.

– The whole save process, while properly used, was weird and interesting. The judges stopping Jessica mid-performance, scolding America, etc. Just awkward but ultimately, the right move. And by the way, can you imagine if the save was burned the week prior on… DeAndre?

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