NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 29-30

– Condensed notes this week due to my crazy schedule with TV. Hey, my radio show doesn’t produce itself yunno!

– Very classy tribute to Dick Clark at the top of Wednesday’s show. There would be no “Idol” without Clark. There probably wouldn’t be a Ryan Seacrest either, right?

– No celebrity mentor on tonight’s show, but I think Jimmy Iovine did a great job riding solo.

– Randy Jackson mixing up Al Green and Marvin Gaye… c’mon son!

– Iovine with the line of the night Wednesday: “Jessica could sing ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ and not deserve to be in the bottom three.” And he’s right.

– How repetitive are some of the song arrangements becoming, especially with the cold acapella start?

– Nice to see Kris Allen on Thursday’s show. He won “Idol” yet I feel he is often forgotten about because of the successful career that runner-up Adam Lambert has had.

– More on the results after the contestant notes…

– Hollie sounded her best in weeks for performance one, but I still don’t like the Adele song choice. She sounded better and even more comfortable for the second song of the evening.
– Colton Dixon did Lady GaGa justice, and then absolutely ruined a Earth, Wind, and Fire song.
– Elyse sounded great on song one despite the very cheesy dress, wind effects, and acapella start. Even though the judges didn’t like her, I thought she was in her comfort zone for the second performance.
– Phillip is making it harder for me to hate on him, I think he’s talented. That being said, he does the same thing every time to every song. I’m bored.
– Another acapella start with Jessica but she blew the first song out of the water. I didn’t enjoy her second performance as much.
– Iovine rearranged a song he helped to become a huge hit, GaGa’s “Born This Way,” for Skylar and she did a great job with it. I was happy that Skylar showed her range and versatility in the second performance as well. I can see her finishing in the Top 2 or 3 now.
– Joshua still has the best voice in this competition. I think like his idol Fantasia, he doesn’t have mass appeal, so I’m not sure what the future holds for him on this show.

– Colton Dixon’s one misstep cost him a chance to be America’s next “Idol.” While the judges like to look at a contestant’s body of work, it is obvious that voters are on a week-to-week, song-to-song basis. Dixon ruined a classic and it cost him the competition. He handled his dismissal with a lot of grace and class, which could be expected for him. Thankfully for Colton, he didn’t need to win this competition. He has the look, the sound, the fan base, and the promotion behind him now. I’ll be playing Dixon’s first radio single in no time I’m sure.

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