NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 32

– I was over this whole “Queen on ‘Idol'” thing yesterday, but that opening number was pretty cool.

– The TMZ bit was brilliant, one of the best segments of the season. Another example of “Idol” evolving as a show. Although, as per my notes last night, it’s obvious the two entities are in bed together.

– Died when Jimmy Iovine called the set behind Jessica’s first performance last night, “Less Queen, more Stephen King.”

– Seacrest looked and sounded much better tonight. How do you recover from a bug so quickly? Clearly he has the best doctors that the best contract in reality TV hosting can buy.

– Who is Kieran and why does Seacrest insist on saying his name before the lights dim?

– Glad Casey Abrams is healthy but from a style perspective, he looked a little rough.

– Wasn’t a fan of Stefano Langone on the show last season, and I’m not a fan of his new single. Too generic sounding for me.

– Props to Katy Perry for singing live, and for putting on a great performance with the set, dancers, etc.

– America got it right. Tyler, Jackson, and Iovine were correct: Elise’s song choice did her in. My next prediction: Hollie goes next week.

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