NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 33

– Loved Stevie Van Zandt as a celebrity mentor. He is the only mentor that could really put Jimmy Iovine in his place. The two go way back, to the days when Iovine was an engineer on Bruce Springsteen’s records, and it showed. Iovine and Little Steven play off each other so well, they should have their own TV show.

– Another good trait that Van Zandt brought to the table is honestly, a reason I’ve loved Iovine all season. Unlike the judges who have to deal with public backlash, it seems Iovine and the mentors, especially Van Zandt, speak more freely on what they like and don’t like about the contestants’ performances.

– I respect Jennifer Lopez but I find it disrespectful of how matter-of-fact she is in disagreeing with Randy Jackson. He’s been on the show since day one, and his musical credentials are second-to-none. Jackson always takes the high road, but it is a shame that he has to because of Lopez’s momentary immaturity.

– The judges said it: Hollie Cavanagh is peaking, and at the right time. I think she survives this week.
– Phillip Phillips looks like he’s trying to seduce the audience every time he sings. Apparently it’s working. By the way, he isn’t doing too bad in the ladies department either – you see his girlfriend on camera?
– I worry for Joshua Ledet. He still is the best singer in this competition. But after the tour wraps, what does he do? I would have to think that Iovine is already drafting a plan for him in the war room. If there’s anybody in the record business that can make Ledet a star, it’s him.
– I think due to poor song selection in the second round, either Phillip or Skylar goes home.

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