Rick Ross Name-Checks Penn State Scandal on New Track

Rick Ross’ new album is called God Forgives, I Don’t. The victims of the Penn State child abuse scandal might not be forgiving Ross anytime soon, either.

On his highly anticipated new LP, which hit stores today, Ross raps the following line on track five, “Maybach Music IV”:


“N***as get abused like boys at Penn State. Greatest that ever did it, decided my own fate.”

The Miami rapper is referring to the child abuse scandal around former PSU defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. The disgraced coach was found guilty on 45 counts of the 48 sexual crimes brought against him. The entire Penn State community is still recovering from the tragedy after more investigations detailed a large-scale cover-up within the football program to protect it and its once legendary coach, Joe Paterno.

In a recent interview with Philadelphia hip-hop station Power 99, Ross advocated for the removal of the JoePa statue and the former Penn State football legacy.

“Tear the statue down!” Ross told radio personality Eddie F. “You gotta tear the statues down; it ain’t even nothing to think about. They’ve been violating kids for the past 25 years.”

Yet despite Rozay’s stance on PSU, he decided to reference the scandal as if it was a movie or fictional tale. There has been no response, yet, from the college, the victims, or Ross regarding the track.

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