INTERVIEW: Cher Lloyd To Ditch ‘Bubblegum Princess’ Moniker on Second LP

Cher Lloyd is known in the US as a pop princess due to her hit single, “Want U Back.” Judging by that song, you’d never know that Lloyd auditioned for “The X-Factor” in the UK with Keri Hilson’s “Turn My Swag On.”


“This is the time that I want to bring pop and urban right together, and make it work,” Lloyd told “The Ralphie Show.” “I don’t feel that I’m going to be a ‘bubblegum princess’ anymore. That Cher’s gone.”

Lloyd revealed she is currently changing her sound while recording her follow-up to the album Sticks + Stones. Meanwhile the second single from that LP is the track “With Ur Love.”

“It’s a very cheeky song,” the singer remarked. “It’s catchy. I want all the kids to be singing along to it.”

It sounds though as if those catchy songs may be limited on Lloyd’s sophomore effort. The singer is working with different producers this time and may collaborate with more hip hop artists for her new sound. Rapper Juicy J is featured on a remix for “With Ur Love.”

Meanwhile, US ‘X-Factor’ judge Demi Lovato announced that on her new album Demi, she will partner with Cher for the track, “Really Don’t Care.”

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