INTERVIEW: Bruno Mars’ Sisters Let The World Into Their Home With New Reality Show

If you’re a Bruno Mars fan, you’re going to get an unprecedented look inside his family life and home thanks to his four sisters. Tiara, Presley, Tahiti, and Jaime Hernandez are collectively known as “The LYLAS,” and the singing group’s new reality show airs Friday at 9 on WE tv. In the first episode, the sisters waste no time mentioning that their brother is pretty famous. The audience also gets a look at the family coping with the death of their mother. Bernadette Hernandez died of a brain aneurism on June 1. She was 55.

“We were able to capture the last moments we had with her,” Tahiti said when the sisters sat down for an interview on “The Ralphie Show” prior to the series premiere. Tiara interjected that the filming and airing of that period in their life, “turned out to be a blessing.”

“(The show) became more about our family,” she continued. “We let everybody in (to our life) more than we really expected we were going to. It became really personal.”

Jaime notes that the girls’ mother will appear in the first five episodes of the series. Outside of his tour that was set to begin later that month, their brother Bruno stayed away from the public eye after the tragedy. There was also talk among the sisters about shutting down production of the show.

“We didn’t want to hide what was really happening,” Tiara said of the family’s decision to move on as planned. “We didn’t want to fake what was really happening. It would have been disrespectful to our mother had we just (said), ‘Let’s not talk about it.’ That would have been shallow, and not real.”

While the show gave more of an inside look in to the Hernandez family than they had initially anticipated, the main premise is still four sisters moving from Hawaii to Los Angeles with aspirations for musical stardom. The LYLAS, an acronym for “Love You Like A Sister,” will release new music throughout the series to coincide with new episodes.

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