INTERVIEW: Katy Perry Previewed AMA Performance As ‘Beautiful’

After last weekend’s American Music Awards, some took to the Internet to criticize Katy Perry; particularly her portrayal of Asian culture during the performance of “Unconditionally.” While a writer for the Associated Press compared Perry to “a princess out of a Japanese painting,” other commentators for The Atlantic, Los Angeles Times, and Wall Street Journal condemned the pop star for cultural appropriation.

In an interview with “The Ralphie Show” prior to opening the AMAs, it was evident that Perry did not realize she would be traveling in to controversial territory.

“It will be a beautiful sight for the eyes, and hopefully a blessing for the ears,” Perry responded when asked to preview the performance, which opened the telecast. “It’ll be really beautiful. It’ll be based on one of my favorite places in the world.”

The controversy might have the “Roar” singer thinking twice before the next time she agrees to perform on television.

“I love performing on tour, because (you’re) more in control, and I have more vision for it,” Perry explained. “The award shows, although I love being a part of them, you only get to rehearse for a few days and everything’s so last minute. Yunno, I’m coming in from Europe, so I’m awake while I’m supposed to be sleeping and sleeping while I’m supposed to be awake so it’s very strange times.”

AMAs aside, Perry has orchestrated a triumphant return to the charts in 2013. Her single “Roar” set the pace by hitting number one, and her album PRISM followed in October with a debut atop the Billboard 200. Despite the reasons and invitations to celebrate growing, the singer seems to find moderation.

“It’s really important to remember that the party will always be there, and that’s not the most important part of this,” Perry said, in a rather straight-forward manner. When I clarified that I didn’t mean she gets “blackout drunk,” the songstress quipped, “I stopped the brown liquor so I don’t blackout. I stick to champagne and clear beverages!”

If success has affected Perry at all, you certainly wouldn’t be able to notice by her sense of humor.

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