INTERVIEW: Taylor Swift Is Afraid Others Might Get Sick Of Her

You would think by now, Taylor Swift would have grown accustomed to these types of nights. The 23 year-old walked out of the American Music Awards at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday with four AMAs. For the third time, Swift also collected the show’s biggest piece of hardware: Artist Of The Year.

After the telecast finished, the “22” singer had a hard time putting her 2013 in to words.

“I have no idea how this happens,” Swift told me inside Cumulus Media’s one-on-one room in the press area. The artist says that all the time on stage when she wins, but when she’s a few feet away, it is much more convincing. “I know that this is probably never going to happen to me again like this.”

Swift’s fourth studio album Red came out in October of 2012. The past year yielded a stadium tour, eight Billboard Music Awards (including Artist Of The Year), a Grammy for her Civil Wars-assisted song on the Hunger Games soundtrack, and a MTV Video Music Award thanks to the video for “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

Sure, there have been countless rumors and reports about Swift’s personal life. But it seems the only thing that affects her happiness, is her own happiness.

“Sometimes I’m so happy, I’m scared, if that makes any sense,” the songstress said. Given that she doesn’t believe an album cycle will unfold like this again, you can understand why she would think that – although you would almost want her to just be happy, for her own sake.

“I do that every time I win an award,” Swift said of why she questions the sustainability of her success, and maybe her happiness as well. “I just feel like, ‘This has got to be it.’ People are going to get sick of me, clearly. I’m always sick of me.”

There are layers to this. It isn’t as simple as Swift on an award show stage saying, “I can’t believe I won again.” Not only is the singer not able to wrap her head around the amount of success that she has achieved, but she is forecasting its sooner-than-later demise in her thoughts. But perhaps the motivation to maintain or surpass these heights on Swift’s next LP will prove to be a silver lining for her fans.

“For the fans that have invested their time and energy in to you, you want to make them proud,” Swift noted. “Also, you want to give them something different and new. You want to challenge yourself so that they don’t know what’s coming next.”

Does this mean that Swift will not be writing about her love life on the next album? Not necessarily.

“I’m a very confessional songwriter, and so my music is always different because my life is always different,” she explained. “So my responsibility is to make sure that sonically it’s still different too.”

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