Katy Perry’s GRAMMY Performance Comes As A Surprise To ‘Ralphie Show’

Katy Perry will perform at the 56th GRAMMY Awards, set to air Sunday night January 26 on CBS. Perry last performed at an award show in November at the American Music Awards. The night before her rendition of “Unconditionally,” she expressed to “The Ralphie Show” that singing on live TV wasn’t her favorite thing.

“I love performing on tour, because (you’re) more in control, and I have more vision for it,” Perry explained. “The award shows, although I love being a part of them, you only get to rehearse for a few days and everything’s so last minute. Yunno, I’m coming in from Europe, so I’m awake while I’m supposed to be sleeping and sleeping while I’m supposed to be awake so it’s very strange times.”

Still, if the “Roar” singer were to make an exception for this, surely it would be for the “Biggest Night in Music.” Perry received two GRAMMY nods thanks to that first single from Prism, “Best Pop Solo Performance” and the highly coveted “Song of the Year.” The album itself was released after the GRAMMY deadline, and has since sold over a million copies in the U.S. Perry reached the platinum mark in 11 weeks with her third studio LP, about half the time it took Teenage Dream to sell the same amount.

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