AUDIO: Raw For The Oceans NYFW Event With Pharrell Williams

A few weekends ago I attended my first New York Fashion Week event inside the Museum of Natural History. The press conference announced a partnership between Pharrell Williams’ Bionic Yarn and G Star RAW. Both companies are combining to reduce plastic found in the ocean, convert the pollution in to yarn, and then create jeans from the yarn. The clothing will be available to purchase this August.

During his portion of the presentation, the “Get Lucky” singer talked about his inspiration to become the Creative Director of Bionic Yarn. After performing at 2007’s “Live Earth” event, Williams was criticized as a hypocrite by Conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh. At first, Pharrell was taken aback, as he wasn’t even the headliner of the concert, organized to raise awareness about our ecosystem. But then Williams thought about how he could help the environment, and felt compelled to team up with Bionic Yarn.

Fast forward to last weekend. As Williams walked by me on the event’s blue carpet, I asked him if he would have still teamed up with Bionic Yarn had Limbaugh never condemned him. Pharrell stopped and said “Excuse me?” so I repeated the question. He continued walking.

The Wanted singer Siva Kaneswaran and model Tyson Beckford were in more talkative moods. Kaneswaran spoke on the hiatus that his boy band is taking and manager Scooter Braun’s reaction to all of it. Beckford previewed some upcoming movie and fitness projects. Both agreed that the issues brought forth by the event were worth of the spotlight.

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