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Kelly Rowland called “Ralphie Tonight” on behalf of Claritin to chat about her allergies; she even revealed that all three members of Destiny’s Child suffer from allergies.

Speaking of which, Rowland shed some light on the trio’s reunion at the 2015 Stellar Gospel Music Awards, and if there is a set time for the ladies to join together again.

After having her first child, son Titan, four months ago – Rowland will now look to complete her fifth studio LP. She tells “Ralphie Tonight” that she is still undecided as to whether she will release it independently or not.


Life & Style Weekly reports why the often-forgotten fourth member of Destiny’s Child left the group. Senior News Editor Jordi Lippe also dished about Katy Perry possibly rekindling an old flame and celebrities’ weird superstitions on “Ralphie Tonight.”