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Singer Melanie Brown is best known as a member of the Spice Girls. Howie Mandel and Howard Stern both have backgrounds in comedy and acting. But the fourth judge on this upcoming season of “America’s Got Talent,” Heidi Klum, is mostly known as a host and model.

“Being in entertainment for 20 years, seeing a lot of things… I’ve been grooming models in Germany. I do Tyra’s (Banks) show (‘America’s Next Top Model’) in Germany,” Klum explained to me during a red carpet media event for the show in Rockefeller Plaza. “You have to be a little bit of an entertainer, an actress, when you’re a model. You can’t just stand there.”

Klum was married to a singer – Seal – for eight years, but also has a little bit of a performance background herself. Before coming to America, the “Project Runway” star danced professionally in Germany.

“When I came here, I found out that I wasn’t that good,” Klum joked. “In Germany I was good, here I was not good.”

While she has no problem taking a light-hearted jab at herself, she has found it difficult at times on set to turn contestants away.

“It’s hard to crush someone feelings, especially when we’re crunched on time,” she said. “I want to say more to send them away, and sometimes you have to be really quick, and then it hurts my feelings to hurt someone else’s feelings.”

Despite the acclimation period for Klum to judging a talent competition, she insists that she hasn’t asked for help or relied on the other judges. Once auditions are over, the judges will return to New York, a place that Klum knows all too well, having lived in the city for thirteen years as a model. But the judge was adamant that she won’t be able to hit up any of her favorite spots around town.

“I’m going to bed, because I’m doing this all again tomorrow,” said Klum of her work day, which can run from 5 am to 9 pm. “A girl needs her beauty rest.”

“America’s Got Talent” premieres June 4 on NBC.

“America’s Got Talent” is moving across the Hudson River, from Newark, NJ to Radio City Music Hall in midtown Manhattan. It’s a change that judge Howard Stern pushed NBC to make.

“Radio City’s going to be dynamic,” Stern told me Monday morning, when he and his cohorts from the TV show appeared in Rockefeller Plaza. “It’s a glamorous venue. It’s exciting to be in Manhattan.”

The new home to the program is also across from Stern’s studios for his morning show on Sirius/XM. The “shock jock” lived up to his moniker towards the end of our chat.

“Yunno, about a year ago I suggested (NBC) get rid of Ann Curry,” Stern joked… we think. “The ratings weren’t good. I called them up and I said, ‘Get her out.’ Everyone’s blaming Matt, everyone’s blaming NBC. I take the full hit for it.”

Not surprisingly, Stern went on to also take credit for the network announcing that Jimmy Fallon would replace Jay Leno next spring. The radio DJ and TV host have been at odds for years; Stern has accused Leno of ripping off jokes and bits from him and other comedians.

Back to “AGT,” – there are also personnel changes on that show as well. Sharon Osbourne will not return this year. Joining Stern and Howie Mandel at the judges table will be singer Melanie Brown and model Heidi Klum.

“I’ve known Heidi for many years,” Mel B. told me. “She’s a great person; very passionate, gorgeous, she’s a mom. So, we have a lot in common.”

Like her fellow judges, Brown thinks Radio City will add a lot to the show.

“You can’t pick a better place,” the artist once known as “Scary Spice” said. “That is New York. I’m very excited.”

Brown also commented on Little Mix, a group of girls from the UK who won “The X-Factor” and are drawing comparisons to the Spice Girls.

“I think there’s room for everybody,” she said. “I don’t even think you need to compare. I think they’re in their own lane and they’re doing their thing. I’ve seen them perform and I think they’re brilliant.”

Klum will talk about the show this Thursday (April 11) on “The Ralphie Show.” Nick Cannon, who was at the media opportunity but offered a limited amount of interviews, will return to host the competition. The new season of “America’s Got Talent” premieres June 4 on NBC.


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