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BHT-V: 2 Sneakers, 2 Tickets, 2nd Row – Lil Wayne/Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em

97 BHT listeners ran frantically through Sneaker King in Wilkes-Barre in search of an autographed Yums Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em Sneaker. The winner would be awarded the second sneaker, along with 2nd row tickets to check out The America’s Most Wanted Music Festival starring Lil Wayne & Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. Thanks to The Ralphie… Read more »

Celebrity Twitter TMI

Great find by Jessie, newest addition to The Ralphie Radio Show. This article in Cosmo documents a few “TMI” moments regarding celebrities and their tweets. Here’s one gem from our boy Ashton Kutcher: “Stomach flu, Be gone! Who can say that they’ve thrown up and had diarrhea attheir rabbi’s house? 2 pts for me” Awesome,… Read more »