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The premise is simple: take Billboard’s top 25 songs of the year and mash them up in to one, coherent and cohesive track that accurately showcases what 2014 sounded like.

If it were only that easy.

But DJ Earworm has been making this difficult and tedious task look simple since his first “United State Of Pop” in 2007. And the guy throws in a perfectly synced music video to boot.

Earworm’s latest masterpiece, subtitled “Do What You Wanna Do,” is above. Enjoy and cheers to another memorable year in pop music.

Here it is – DJ Earworm’s annual mashup of the top 25 Billboard hits. Not only is the song cohesive and smooth – but the video moves right along with it. Plus, Earworm is offering the mix as a free download here.

Thought you might enjoy this, a clever mash-up of the 25 biggest songs in 2009 according to Billboard… definitely worth your time here.