amy finally says yes, yes, yes to rehab.

rehab singer amy winehouse is finally in rehab – for real – according to the mirror in the uk.

here’s some of the article…

“Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil agreed to go into drugs rehab after seeing their dads nearly come to blows, friends said last night.

Amy was in tears after the row during a showdown with their families over their heroin and cocaine addiction.

A source close to the family told the Mirror: “It broke Amy’s heart to see her parents and in-laws fighting.

“That was the point when she realised all the drink and drugs were causing huge problems for everybody.”

The party-loving couple flew to the US for intensive counselling and detox treatment after also seeing a leading Harley Street doctor recommended by former wild child Kelly Osbourne.

Jazz diva Amy’s drink and drug problems came to a head on Wednesday when she collapsed following a three-day bender with 25-year-old Blake.

Amy, 23, was taken to hospital in the early hours after taking a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, the horse tranquilliser ketamine and booze.

Later that day, she and Blake checked into a suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hook, Hampshire.

But on Friday night they were caught by her best friend Juliette Ashby smoking heroin in their £3,000-a-night hotel suite.

Amy’s taxi driver dad Mitch “flipped” when he heard – and next day they were joined by worried Mitch, wife Janis, Blake’s stepfather Giles Fielder-Civil and mother Georgette.

During the row, Mitch grabbed Giles by the throat and “threatened to rip his head off” .

The source said: “It was only when Amy saw her family falling apart that she realised she had to do something.

“She confessed that she and Blake had drug problems and had to have treatment together.”

Mitch is also said to have demanded that Blake be fitted with an implant to curb his drug-taking.

Blake refused but agreed to join Amy on a drug counselling and treatment programme.

The source went on: “They both admitted taking cocaine and heroin. But they denied they had been injecting heroin.

“At one point, both Amy and Blake stripped off in front of Georgette to prove they had not been using needles.””

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