better late than never.

it took me 22 years, but earlier today while driving around wilkes-barre, i finally conformed with pop culture and all things cool.

yes, i purchased my first pair of chuck taylor converse sneakers.

they look exactly like the above. black with white canvas and laces. prolly will not be rocking the chuckie t’s with shorts, but will definitely wear them with every pair of jeans i own. these bad boys could debut as early as thursday night’s club x at the woodlands.

what took me so long? really don’t have an answer. i’ve been preoccupied with other forms of footwear… from nike and adidas to steve madden and diesel. and don’t get me wrong, i still wear my free’s when i run.
and my steve maddens and other shoes out on the town. but the converse canvas with jeans, a rolled-up-sleeves-dress shirt, and loosened tie – screams trendy yet sophisticated. cool yet classy. badass yet…

well you get the idea.
the price is also appealing. with tax – a mere $32. where you buying trendy shoes from that cost under $35 now-a-days?


anywho – just thought i’d let you in my little shoebox of excitement. now if you don’t mind, i’m going to scurry off to other things…

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