dilated pupils.

and i thought trips to the dentist were rough…

after leaving the studio last night at midnight and heading to bed around 3:30a, i woke up around 8a to head to the optomitrist in kingston. i have this condition in my right eye. long story, but i can see fine, and if you ever meet me in public, ask me and i’ll be more than happy to explain.

but seriously, have you ever visited an eye doctor?
i’ve never had more strain placed upon my pupils. ever. atleast not since seeing fools rush in. nonetheless, my eyes went through a number of tests, photo shoots, and liquid droppings in order to obtain a proper diagnosis. had to wear sunglasses for a few hours after, but now my vision is cool. or atleast good enough to type.

got back to the apartment before 11a, and decided i’d walk to abe’s here in wb to find breakfast, or atleast a hot dog and tuna sandwich. turns out abe’s, just like my dry cleaners, is on vacation. so to wilkes university and einstein bagels it was.

now that i’m no longer doin’ the steve wonder across nepa, i’m going to get ready for tonight’s show. more updates to come before seven.

and don’t forget – last chance to qualify for beyonce/robin thicke tickets is tonight!

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