this is so fly…

looks like people beyond northeast pa read this blog…
“Ralphie – Just wanted to let you know that your interview with I Nine was awesome. So glad you have it on UTube. I’m the Mom of Brian (guitarist) and we’re always happy to see and hear them when they appear away from home. They are a great bunch of kids. Brian and Carmen actually have known each other since the 2nd grade and then they all met in middle school, went to high school and USC-Columbia together. They’ve all been my kids for so long, can’t remember not having them as part of my family. Anyway thanks for a great interview and pictures. Remember their name and keep plugging the song. I have a good feeling you’ll be hearing alot more about them.”

i’m not surprised, as i-nine themselves were so grounded – you’d almost expect an e-mail like this if it was any other industry. but the fact that the mom’s of up-and-coming bands still drop us dj’s lines like this is truly refreshing.

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