you havta hear this!

despite her first cd released yesterday since november 2005 – britney spears did absolutely no media or publicity on tuesday. instead – the mother of two opted for a typical, low-key day in which a judge ruled that she couldn’t regain 50/50 custody of her children. brit then went home and ate fried chicken while watching a movie with enablers alli sims and sam lufti.

how do i know all this? because britney finally did an interview yesterday – although with this her second media appearance in as many months, maybe jive records would be doing everyone a favor by not scheduling britney appearances on the airwaves.

spears spoke with ryan seacrest at kiis-fm in los angeles this morning. of course when ryan called, britney had to be woken up by sims and lufti.

what ensued over the next twenty minutes could be described in a number of different ways. click here or here for perez’s and tmz’s account. click here to listen. or tune in to the show tonight for highlights from the interview.

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