EXCLUSIVE: Daughtry Criticizes Idol Favortism Toward Adam Lambert

In a pre-taped interview that will air tonight on “The Ralphie Radio Show”, Chris Daughtry seemed baffled at the amount of media attention and bias directed toward American Idol contestant Adam Lambert.

“I thought it was pretty incredible that all of the sudden, Adam is on the cover of a magazine. That people are wearing his name… it seems a little weird to me, because I know how strict it was when I was on the show,” Daughtry, who is a fan of Idol finalist Kris Allen, said. “(Favortism) was definitely frowned upon, and now, I don’t know.”

A question regarding Katy Perry’s outright support of Lambert, with Adam’s name embroidered on her cape, elicited the comment. TMZ reported Idol producers edited out this detail when the performance posted to iTunes and the Internet.

The American Idol Season 5 alum concurred with my assessment that the media already anointed Lambert this year’s winner. Although I admitted to Chris that my coverage of “Idol” is limited, I feel as if the media is covering Lambert as if it is assumed that he already won.

“It’s kind of like Adam has already been crowned the winner, and everybody’s just kind of going along with that,” I commented to Chris.

“That’s exactly the way it feels to me too,” Daughtry responded. “But yunno, it is what it is, and good luck to both of them.”

Listen to the audio here.

The interview, in its entirety, will be posted later tonight.

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