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If Katy Perry and John Mayer weren’t dating, this would be an awkward moment for both their personal lives and professional careers. On the same day Perry released her new single, “Roar,” the duet she sang with Mayer, “Who You Love,” also hit the Internet. In an interview with 95.5 PLJ, the “Teenage Dream” singer revealed that the couple has created more music together.

“(Mayer) played guitar actually, on a couple songs, which was awesome,” Perry told “The Ralphie Show” of his involvement with her third studio LP, Prism. “He’s just been a great support and that’s all you can ask. If your partner is a great support, that’s perfect.”

Perry also commented on the aforementioned duet, which will appear on Mayer’s album Paradise Valley, out on August 20. The track’s existence was first reported by “The Ralphie Show” in June.

“I’m very proud of it,” she said. “It’s another side of me… many different personalities in me.”

Something Perry probably wasn’t too proud of was the leak of that new track last weekend. A standard practice in the music industry, Capitol Records watermarks advance copies of material not available to the public. Through the technology, Perry was able to discover where the leak emanated from.

“Sometimes it’s an accident, sometimes it’s carelessness… sometimes that person didn’t even mean (to leak it),” Perry explained of the situation. “It’s not a big deal because believe you me, I wanted you guys to hear this song when I created it in March. I wrote this song in March and I was like, ‘I’m dying. Should I Instagram something? Should I do a little Snapchat of it? What should I do?’”

Perry did none of the above, and to this day claims to not be on Snapchat (Also, if Perry wrote “Roar” in March, it may discredit the idea that the track is a rip-off of Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.”). The messaging application sends a photo to a recipient that they can only view for a predetermined set amount of time, after which point the picture allegedly is no longer accessible.

“I don’t Snapchat because… I know it alerts you when people do keep stuff, but I don’t know,” Perry said. “I don’t need to be putting any kind of weird things online that supposedly disappear. Yeah right brah!”

In an interview that aired Monday evening on “The Ralphie Show,” Backstreet Boy Nick Carter revealed that he and his fiancé are currently shopping a new reality show to a large cable network.

“Lauren (Kitt) and I are… we’re in negotiations, talking with VH1 right now about possibly doing a reality show based on our wedding,” Carter said.

The program would give viewers a unique perspective on a former teen heartthrob officially exiting the market for good. But as the Backstreet Boys celebrate its twentieth anniversary this year, many fans have also moved on in their personal lives. Even the guys themselves are all married with children… with the exception of Carter.

“The running joke is that everyone says… (all of the Backstreet Boys) have kids except for Nick,” the singer states. “Well, Kevin is actually my dad.”

All kidding aside, the band has a busy summer ahead with the release of In A World Like This and the kickoff of its summer tour, both on July 30. Carter will then release a memoir in the fall, which he hopes will inspire others to overcome some of the demons that he has faced with regards to drug and alcohol abuse. There will of course be a marriage, and maybe a reality show mixed in. Through it all, it doesn’t seem the Backstreet Boys are planning on leaving the spotlight.

“In relation to other artists out there, I think our fans are kind of like KISS fans,” Carter noted. “They don’t care about anybody else out there. They love what we represent. It’s a great relationship that we have.”

Carter credits the fans and that relationship with the 20 year existence of BSB, and he wasn’t finished comparing their situation to others.

“There’s some groups out there that don’t even care, and take 10 years off, and then all of the sudden they come back,” the Backstreet Boy said – perhaps taking a dig at 98 Degrees, who basically did exactly that for the group’s recent reunion on “The Package Tour.” “This isn’t a reunion tour. We’ve been touring and making albums consistently even since Kevin left.”

Following the success of his album + and the breakout singles “The A-Team” and “Lego House,” many people know of Ed Sheeran’s music. Many might also know about Ed’s current summer plans, touring the country with singer Taylor Swift. But for most, that’s where their knowledge of the 22 year-old singer ends.

“No one really knows about my love life,” Sheeran stated with a smirk during his most recent chat on “The Ralphie Show.” “I’ve dated some singers before.”

A recent US Weekly report stated he was “hooking up” with Selena Gomez.

“People don’t always guess right, but sometimes they do (guess correctly),” he said. “I was in a relationship for nine months recently that no one had a clue about; kept that quiet. But, it’s over now so we can talk about it.”

Sheeran was open to chatting about his last girlfriend, who was not a public figure. However at the request of his management, information that could identify her was left out of the interview, with her privacy as the motivating factor.

It isn’t the first time Sheeran’s management or record label has taken issue with a piece of information spilled by the singer – and it probably won’t be the last. Perhaps one of Sheeran’s most enduring qualities is his honesty. This trait was on full display when the platinum-selling artist was asked what he does with all of the plaques he is receiving for his global sales success.

“I have them stacked up in my flat by the door, and people take them as party favors when they come around,” he revealed. “There’s only so many you can put on the wall without looking like a douchebag. I prefer for my friends to be able to celebrate the success as well.”

The forecast looks as if there will be more of that success to celebrate. Sheeran’s album has sold a half-million copies here in the States, and the singer noted that there could be at least two more singles on the way. The next track is already picked.

“I wanted to change up the pace a little bit, because obviously the Taylor Swift single (‘Everything Has Changed’) is coming out, and that’s a slow pace song as well so I think we’re going to come with, “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” Sheeran said. “Then we’ll see what happens in the autumn.”

For now, the Englishman finds himself performing these songs in stadiums across the U.S. with Swift. He’s also visited her new $17 million mansion in Watch Hill, RI.

“It’s incredible,” he remarked. “The view’s amazing. The whole town is brilliant.”

Sheeran noted some of the great restaurants in the area, but focused in on one particular business: an ice cream shop.

“There’s a competition that three people have won where there’s this huge plate of ice cream, and if you finish it, you get your picture on a wall,” he explained. “Only three people have done it, and they’re all morbidly obese, and I want to go and just rock that.”

Just telling that story prompted Sheeran to recall his childhood days when he really enjoyed ice cream, and was thus a few pounds heavier. But like most everything else, the singer would rather talk about it than shy away from it.

It is official: Katy Perry and John Mayer have penned a song together, and that track will appear on Mayer’s album Paradise Valley. The only question left unanswered for sure is: Will Perry’s vocals be featured on the single as well? My initial sources confirmed a version of the song with the “Teenage Dream” singer has in fact been recorded. But with Perry and Mayer under different record labels, there is no guarantee that financials for her cameo were worked out before the LP was sent to be mastered.

“The Ralphie Show” broke the exclusive on June 27: Mayer was finalizing his fourth studio album, and it was a possibility that a duet he recorded with his on-and-off girlfriend could make the cut. This isn’t exactly uncharted territory for the “Who Says” singer; 2009’s Battle Studies saw Taylor Swift cameo on “Half Of My Heart.” But while Swift is noted as a featured artist, it is Mayer who receives the only writer’s credit for that song.

Paradise Valley is now slated for an August 20 release according to its page. Under Perry’s catalog listing on the Warner/Chappell Music web site, she and Mayer are co-writers for “Who You Love.” Amazon places it as track 6 on the album, and snippets of the song can be heard below in this footage released by Mayer of himself in studio recording the project.

John Mayer and Katy Perry are making music together in more than one way. According to a source speaking with “The Ralphie Show” on the condition of anonymity, the duo recorded a track that is likely to appear on Mayer’s next album. Paradise Valley will be released on August 13. The lead single, “Paper Doll,” is rumored to center around Mayer’s relationship with either Perry or Taylor Swift.

With the release date over a month away, Mayer and Columbia Records still have time to finalize the track listing, although hopes within the label are that it’ll be completed by next week. The singer is heading back on tour in support of his new album, while also traveling behind Born and Raised. Due to a throat condition, Mayer had to cancel the tour planned for the 2012 release.

The “Who Says” artist isn’t the only half of the rumored couple in the studio. Mayer has reportedly raved to people about Perry’s new material as well. The songstress is currently recording the follow-up to 2010’s Teenage Dream.

So Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez walk in to an ice cream shop.

There’s no punch line here. The best friends were hanging out at T-Swift’s pad in Watch Hill, RI and took a quick stroll down to scenic Mystic, CT. There, the singers along with a bodyguard entered Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream.

“I was making a cappuccino for some lady, and I turned around and (Swift) and Selena Gomez were standing near the register,” a star-struck employee of the store told “The Ralphie Show.” “I did a double-take. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s Taylor Swift!’”

Outside of the one employee, there was little fanfare surrounding the visit. Swift and Gomez ordered two Mint Oreo waffle cones, the “22” singer paid with her credit card, and they exited for a bench overlooking the Mystic River.

“(The employees) really love Taylor Swift, and they’re really excited (her and Gomez) came in,” said the worker. Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream is a mainstay in the area, with the storefront first serving homemade treats in the 1800’s. “They were very nice, and very polite and friendly.”

Swift bought her mansion in the Ocean State this past April for a reported $17 million, according to TMZ.

Mike Tyson reinvented himself – from a feared yet confused and conflicted fighter to a feared, confused, conflicted, but now much more lovable actor. The entertainer credits two things with his comeback.


“Thank God. ‘The Hangover’ did a lot for me, in that perspective,” said Tyson in a phone interview from his Las Vegas home on “The Ralphie Show.” “It opened the doors for me, as far as people that never experienced me in the 80’s or 90’s. It’s a whole different generation of individuals that never experienced my fights.”

The “Punch Out” video game star also attributes his new-found success to staying away from drugs and alcohol.

“I’ve been clean for four years. That’s awesome,” Tyson told me. “Once I overcame that, everything else was easy sailing.”

The Boxing Hall of Famer is currently touring the country with his show, “Undisputed Truth.” What started as a Las Vegas performance has been turned in to a one-man confessional with the help of director Spike Lee and a script written by Tyson’s wife Kiki.

“In Vegas, I had a rock band, I had a vocalist, I had a piano player… it was like a big show,” Tyson explained. “(Spike) cut it down; only me on stage with a prompter, and just music.”

Tyson compares preparing to the show with preparing for a boxing match.

“I’m in shape. I’m running every day, working out,” he said. “You have to be at your best. You have to have good timing. You have to be precise.”

Critics have essentially called his show just that; the Los Angeles Times raving that the performance “is a knockout.” Many reviews note that the stage reveals a softer side to “The Baddest Man on the Planet.” That part of Tyson’s persona could also be heard on the other end of the phone.

“I watched The Undertaker beat (C.M.) Punk, and then I fell asleep,” responded Tyson when I asked if he watched the WWE’s Wrestlemania over the weekend. “Did The Rock win?”

No, Mike. The Rock lost to John Cena. Perhaps “The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz” might be a better fit for Tyson these days.

Tickets for “Undisputed Truth” are available here.

Shawn Stockman admits that when plans were finalized for “The Package” tour, he didn’t know what to expect.


“Donnie (Wahlberg) and me had been talking about it for a long time, as far as putting it together,” Stockman told “The Ralphie Show of the summer tour, which features the Philly singers along with New Kids on The Block and 98 Degrees. “Once it was released, I was nervous.”

No one involved with the tour has any reason to be nervous now, unless they’re uncomfortable with big crowds. Dates sold out quickly, and second shows along with new venues were quickly added to an itinerary that has swelled to over 30 performances.

“It’s exciting,” Stockman noted. “I really can’t wait. It’s something that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time.”

“The Package” tour kicks off with three sold out shows this May at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT.

“The Package Tour” has created quite a buzz throughout the country. New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men join forces for a tour that was originally scheduled for a little over 30 dates this summer. But the demand for tickets has been overwhelming, causing second shows to be added in some cities and brand new venues to be attached to the itinerary.

Naturally – the media has had a little fun with the tour name and its popularity. Such headlines as “New Kids on the Block’s Tour Is Now a Bigger ‘Package’” have been popping up, no pun intended, across the Internet. NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre is cool with that; after all, he thought of the title.

“We were having a conference call, and they were like, ‘Once we put the package together…’ and I said, ‘Let’s call it ‘The Package,’” McIntyre told me in Los Angeles. “It has all the proper rock and roll innuendo so it’s perfect.”

The roots of this lineup date back to the last North American tour that NKOTB performed on with Backstreet Boys. During a stop in Orlando, Boyz II Men joined the bands on stage for a surprise cameo.

“The place went ballistic,” McIntyre recalled. “When you see it and you witness it, you’re like, ‘We gotta do this again.’”

The boys from Boston would then link up with 98 Degrees at the Summer Mix Tape Fest in Hershey, PA this past summer. Added dates to the tour include Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, second dates in Uncasville, CT and Beantown, and Toronto’s Air Canada Centre.

Andy Vidockler, Wesley Schultz, and Jeremiah Fraites grew up together in Ramsey, NJ. The three friends dreamt of breaking through in the music industry. Vidockler eventually turned his attention to a career in education, while Schultz and Fraites continued down the path traveled by many struggling artists before them.


About two years ago, Vidockler found himself teaching Kindergarden in Success Academy Bronx 2, one of nine such schools in New York City. Looking to inject some art in to the classroom, the teacher began playing his students videos of Schultz and Fraites, now comprising two-thirds of The Lumineers. The kids took a liking to the songs, and were star-struck when a then relatively-unknown Schultz showed up to say greet them during class.

“I remember visiting the school, with my girlfriend at the time,” Schlutz recalled while sitting back stage before The Lumineers’ performance at Terminal 5 in New York on Saturday. The night previous to his school-visit, the singer had a late night, although he almost immediately knew he made the right choice to wake-up early and visit the classroom. “I walked in, and all of the kids immediately said, ‘Hey! It’s Wesley!’ They knew me from the videos.”

Schultz was taken aback, and the kids’ love for his music left a major impression on him. The lead singer continued to keep in touch with Vidockler, and never forgot those kids that latched on to the band’s songs before any of the tracks hit the airwaves.

Last Saturday night, about 20 kids from Success Academy Bronx 2 joined their favorite band on stage at Terminal 5 to sing “Ho Hey,” The Lumineers’ break-out anthem. While the 6, 7, and 8 year-old got the thrill of a lifetime on stage, Vidockler said his students have learned a bigger lesson from the music group’s rise to the top of the charts.

“It has showed them that if you have a dream and you’re willing to plug hard enough, and make sacrifices, you can achieve your dream,” the teacher said. “It’s been the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”

Vidockler can provide a pretty good account to The Lumineers’ rise to fame – he remembers seeing the group perform to a room of 35 people in Jersey. The next time he saw them, the attendance had increased to 300. When the childhood friend flew out to Colorado to see the band perform, he joined over 9,000 others in doing so. Now The Lumineers’ are on a sold-out U.S. tour, with two nominations at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards and an upcoming appearance on “Ellen.”

“Crazy,” was the first work Schultz said when asked to put this ride in to words. “It’s basically the epitome of a snowball effect, yunno? “(Just) having a lot of patience over a number of years and then kind of having it break, but not break in any sort of logical way, just ‘boom,’ all at once.”

Most of the band’s success has centered on “Ho Hey.” The Lumineers originally wanted to invite the children from Success Academy Bronx 2 to perform it during “Saturday Night Live,” but producers stopped the plan because Paul McCartney had already performed with a children’s chorus this season. That wasn’t the only idea Lorne Michaels and company shot down.

“Jer was planning to wear an Abe Lincoln costume that Neyla (Pekarek) gave him for his birthday,” Schultz revealed. “For some reason they wouldn’t let him do it. That was kind of bizarre.”

Obviously it isn’t just perseverance and patience that The Lumineers have mastered. The band seems to be just as good at compromising and working with others. Those kids should still be paying attention.