INTERVIEW: Katy Perry Reveals John Mayer Contributed to New LP; Says She Doesn’t Use Snapchat

If Katy Perry and John Mayer weren’t dating, this would be an awkward moment for both their personal lives and professional careers. On the same day Perry released her new single, “Roar,” the duet she sang with Mayer, “Who You Love,” also hit the Internet. In an interview with 95.5 PLJ, the “Teenage Dream” singer revealed that the couple has created more music together.

“(Mayer) played guitar actually, on a couple songs, which was awesome,” Perry told “The Ralphie Show” of his involvement with her third studio LP, Prism. “He’s just been a great support and that’s all you can ask. If your partner is a great support, that’s perfect.”

Perry also commented on the aforementioned duet, which will appear on Mayer’s album Paradise Valley, out on August 20. The track’s existence was first reported by “The Ralphie Show” in June.

“I’m very proud of it,” she said. “It’s another side of me… many different personalities in me.”

Something Perry probably wasn’t too proud of was the leak of that new track last weekend. A standard practice in the music industry, Capitol Records watermarks advance copies of material not available to the public. Through the technology, Perry was able to discover where the leak emanated from.

“Sometimes it’s an accident, sometimes it’s carelessness… sometimes that person didn’t even mean (to leak it),” Perry explained of the situation. “It’s not a big deal because believe you me, I wanted you guys to hear this song when I created it in March. I wrote this song in March and I was like, ‘I’m dying. Should I Instagram something? Should I do a little Snapchat of it? What should I do?’”

Perry did none of the above, and to this day claims to not be on Snapchat (Also, if Perry wrote “Roar” in March, it may discredit the idea that the track is a rip-off of Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.”). The messaging application sends a photo to a recipient that they can only view for a predetermined set amount of time, after which point the picture allegedly is no longer accessible.

“I don’t Snapchat because… I know it alerts you when people do keep stuff, but I don’t know,” Perry said. “I don’t need to be putting any kind of weird things online that supposedly disappear. Yeah right brah!”

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