UPDATE: Mayer/Perry Song Makes ‘Paradise Valley’ Track Listing

It is official: Katy Perry and John Mayer have penned a song together, and that track will appear on Mayer’s album Paradise Valley. The only question left unanswered for sure is: Will Perry’s vocals be featured on the single as well? My initial sources confirmed a version of the song with the “Teenage Dream” singer has in fact been recorded. But with Perry and Mayer under different record labels, there is no guarantee that financials for her cameo were worked out before the LP was sent to be mastered.

“The Ralphie Show” broke the exclusive on June 27: Mayer was finalizing his fourth studio album, and it was a possibility that a duet he recorded with his on-and-off girlfriend could make the cut. This isn’t exactly uncharted territory for the “Who Says” singer; 2009’s Battle Studies saw Taylor Swift cameo on “Half Of My Heart.” But while Swift is noted as a featured artist, it is Mayer who receives the only writer’s credit for that song.

Paradise Valley is now slated for an August 20 release according to its Amazon.com page. Under Perry’s catalog listing on the Warner/Chappell Music web site, she and Mayer are co-writers for “Who You Love.” Amazon places it as track 6 on the album, and snippets of the song can be heard below in this footage released by Mayer of himself in studio recording the project.

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