INTERVIEW: Ed Sheeran Reveals Relationships, Next Single from LP

Following the success of his album + and the breakout singles “The A-Team” and “Lego House,” many people know of Ed Sheeran’s music. Many might also know about Ed’s current summer plans, touring the country with singer Taylor Swift. But for most, that’s where their knowledge of the 22 year-old singer ends.

“No one really knows about my love life,” Sheeran stated with a smirk during his most recent chat on “The Ralphie Show.” “I’ve dated some singers before.”

A recent US Weekly report stated he was “hooking up” with Selena Gomez.

“People don’t always guess right, but sometimes they do (guess correctly),” he said. “I was in a relationship for nine months recently that no one had a clue about; kept that quiet. But, it’s over now so we can talk about it.”

Sheeran was open to chatting about his last girlfriend, who was not a public figure. However at the request of his management, information that could identify her was left out of the interview, with her privacy as the motivating factor.

It isn’t the first time Sheeran’s management or record label has taken issue with a piece of information spilled by the singer – and it probably won’t be the last. Perhaps one of Sheeran’s most enduring qualities is his honesty. This trait was on full display when the platinum-selling artist was asked what he does with all of the plaques he is receiving for his global sales success.

“I have them stacked up in my flat by the door, and people take them as party favors when they come around,” he revealed. “There’s only so many you can put on the wall without looking like a douchebag. I prefer for my friends to be able to celebrate the success as well.”

The forecast looks as if there will be more of that success to celebrate. Sheeran’s album has sold a half-million copies here in the States, and the singer noted that there could be at least two more singles on the way. The next track is already picked.

“I wanted to change up the pace a little bit, because obviously the Taylor Swift single (‘Everything Has Changed’) is coming out, and that’s a slow pace song as well so I think we’re going to come with, “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” Sheeran said. “Then we’ll see what happens in the autumn.”

For now, the Englishman finds himself performing these songs in stadiums across the U.S. with Swift. He’s also visited her new $17 million mansion in Watch Hill, RI.

“It’s incredible,” he remarked. “The view’s amazing. The whole town is brilliant.”

Sheeran noted some of the great restaurants in the area, but focused in on one particular business: an ice cream shop.

“There’s a competition that three people have won where there’s this huge plate of ice cream, and if you finish it, you get your picture on a wall,” he explained. “Only three people have done it, and they’re all morbidly obese, and I want to go and just rock that.”

Just telling that story prompted Sheeran to recall his childhood days when he really enjoyed ice cream, and was thus a few pounds heavier. But like most everything else, the singer would rather talk about it than shy away from it.

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