EXCLUSIVE: Livvi Franc Represents The New B-tch

Livvi Franc wants to make one thing clear: she is not your average bitch.
“I’m definitely reclaiming the word,” says Franc, who called The Ralphie Radio Show on Thursday from New York City. “I have an acronym for it, ‘Babe In Total Control of Herself.’”
The English-born and Barbados-raised singer/songwriter is at the forefront of the discussion regarding the term’s definition with her track, “Now I’m That Bitch.” The song, which features Pitbull, is gaining airplay on radio stations across the country.

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“To me a bitch is a female who is in control, confident, and knows what she wants. So it’s something good.

But what makes the song even better is the Pitbull cameo. Franc released the single to clubs last December. The Miami-emcee simply heard the track and hopped on it. The two hadn’t even met until last month, when they shot the music video together.

Franc’s debut LP, Underground Sunshine, hits stores on October 6. She tells me that Pitbull is the only cameo on the album.

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