EXCLUSIVE: We The Kings Set The Trend For Pop-Rockers

You could credit Lil Wayne as the first artist of this era to release music with no short term monetary goal in mind. Sure he caught a lot of grief over his marketing style from Universal Motown, but the scheme worked off: Tha Carter III sold more copies than any other LP in 2008.

Now it seems Weezy’s plan is transcending the hip-hop realm. Take We The Kings for example. According to lead singer Travis Clark, the pop-rock quartet has been writing and recording demos for about a year and a half. Now, with the assistance of S-Curve Records, WTK is headed back to radio with a new single, “Heaven Can Wait.”

Apparently Heaven isn’t the only thing that can wait. The song emerges with not even an iTunes sale date, let alone an album to promote. But, that didn’t stop Clark from calling up The Ralphie Radio Show on Wednesday evening to talk about the track and the thought process behind its release. 97 BHT became the third radio station in the country to play the track.

“I feel like there’s an A.D.D. generation that’s growing tired of music,” Clark said. “I’m part of that A.D.D. generation, where it’s just, we have all of these songs, let’s make a record and let’s do it.”

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Ralphie & WTK in Allentown, Early 2009.

There’s no timeline to create the sophomore LP in place – but the front man predicts that recording will finish in September.

“This is literally so new that it’s like, we’re pretty much recording the rest of it now,” revealed Clark – who gave his label this track along with other demos the band recorded. Both WTK and the label felt strongly about the single – both the song itself and the direction in which it’d take the band. S-Curve put We The Kings in a studio, mastered the track, and will now promote it to radio stations across the country.

“No one’s ever heard it. It’s crazy,” said Clark. “We’ve been playing it live for, yunno, four or five shows, and then you guys are literally the third station in the entire country to play it.”

The song fits the catchy melodies that WTK fans are familiar with – but the new sound is infused with less strings and more keyboard and electronic effects.

We The Kings will spend September finishing the new record before heading out on a fall trek with All Time Low and Hey Monday.

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