EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber On Meeting Obama, Touring, Dating, and More

He’s 15 years old – already traveling the country with an entourage, performing at sold out venues, shutting down shopping malls, and singing for the President of the United States. Yet, you can’t blame Justin Bieber for finding it a bit weird that people actually care about his dating life.

“A little bit,” the pint-sized singer responded when I asked him if he thought it was strange that people asked him about his personal life at his age. “I mean, I’m young. I mean, I’m dating but I’m not dating anyone specific, yunno what I mean? Just like, being a kid.”

Refreshing to hear that despite all of the hoopla, and record sales, and commitments – Bieber can still focus on just that – living the life of a 15 year-old. When I spoke with him, a crew from the New York Times trailed him for an upcoming feature. Also rolling with Justin – two reps from Island Def Jam Music Group, two managers, band mates, and dancers.

You can’t blame any of the aforementioned for surrounding Bieber – the teenager became the hottest ticket in pop music faster than you can say “Bieber Fever.” Things don’t look to ease up anytime soon – 2010 will bring a new LP in My World Part 2 along with a headlining tour. Usher’s protégé revealed on The RRS that there will be an opening act for the trek, but would not announce who.

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Any star that rises as quickly as Bieber in this day and age is bound to have some controversy following – and that came courtesy of a scheduled mall performance that went awry. Matter of fact, Justin never showed up. But, on November 20, a thousand screaming tweens did storm in to the Roosevelt Mall on Long Island – and a false spotting of the teen sensation sent the crowd in to a frenzy. Paramedics took one girl away on a stretcher and police arrested IDJMG’s senior vice president for sales.

A few weeks later, Bieber played for an estimated 20,000 people outside at the Citadel Outlet Mall in Los Angeles. Although the event went off relatively smooth, there were a few reported instances of near-trampling as fans waited impatiently for the artist to arrive. All of this begs the question – have we seen the last of Justin Bieber mall appearances?

“I dunno, as long as we have enough security I think we’ll be fine,” he said. “I just don’t want little girls to get hurt… I just love to be able to perform for my fans in general.”

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