RRS EXCLUSIVE: Sam Riegel, aka, ‘Tigga Hoods’, ‘I’mma Hot Cheeto’ Dipdive Parody

Will.I.Am., the renaissance man and Black Eyed Peas lead emcee, is no stranger to viral videos. During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, two of his videos in support of candidate Barack Obama garned millions of views in days – helping our current president in spreading his message of “Hope” and “Yes We Can.” Both were hosted on Will’s Dipdive.com, a site that combines multimedia with social networking.

Turns out there are more than just viral productions of the political movement variety on Dipdive.com. “DipComedy” features contributions from a plethora of comedians. Sam Riegel is one of those contributors – and his latest piece is gaining a great amount of attention on the Intenets here.

“I’mma Hot Cheeto” is a three-plus minute rap, in which Riegel plays the role of emcee “Tigga Hoods.” Dressed in dark makeup, a black hat, black slacks, and a red golf polo shirt – Riegel parades around a golf course and a music video set with a number of scantily clad women. He rhymesabout being a heartbreaker, over a sample of “Eye Of The Tiger”, outfitted with clips of Woods’ infamous voicemail purchased by US Weekly.

Download the mp3

The video is hosted on Will’s Dipdive site.

“They used to call me Tiger, but now I’m a cheetah, now I’m a cheetah, now-now-I’m a cheetah,” Riegel raps, with seemingly the help of some type of vocoder/autotune.

But is that the only help Riegel used – or is this track in fact produced by Will.I.Am. himself?

“I can neither confirm nor deny anything,” said a coy Riegel, who called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” earlier this week. This admission came after first denying that Will played any role in the production of the piece. The comedian would not elaborate further.

Surely there is another question that you’re yearning for the answer to: Did “Tigga Hoods” find Tiger Woods’ apology last Friday sincere?

“Yunno, once you play someone in a video, you start to understand them more, you know what I mean Ralphie?” he joked. “When I was ‘Tigga Hoods’ out there on the putting green, getting licked by ladies and felt up… I can identify with the guy.”

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