Maroon 5’s Adam Levine Gives Away Sir Paul Tix Via Twitter

I’m sure it’s happened to you at some point or another: you have tickets to a big show, but you can’t attend because you’re stuck at work. Even celebrities fall victim to this… enter Adam Levine.

Paul McCartney played the Hollywood Bowl last night, and the Maroon 5 lead singer scored tickets. But, according to the singer’s Twitter update, Levine was stuck in the studio.

You could only imagine what he was working on there if it warranted passing up Sir Paul.

Anyways, Levine followed that up with, “If you love Sir Paul as much as I do. Meet me at the chevron on the corner of la brea and sunset. Tickets await. Hurry.”

You’re a little skeptical of meeting up with Maroon 5’s front man at a gas station on Sunset Boulevard? Please, don’t be.

“P.S. I’m dead serious. He goes on in twenty minutes at the Hollywood bowl…,” tweeted Levine. “Let me reiterate this is not a hoax. Whoever gets there let me know and we will come make the hand-off.”

He later specified that the winner would be required to sing one non-Beatles McCartney tune. Less than an hour after his initial Twitter update, Levine gave away his tickets.

“Just handed over the tickets to a lovely young lady,” he said via Twitter. “The giveaway is over…she seemed so happy!!!”

Certainly that lovely young lady has a story for the ages… but I still want to know what Levine was working on. Maroon 5’s next album is untitled, and scheduled for a June release.

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