RRS AUDIO: Lady GaGa In The Wrong For Wandering In To Yanks Clubhouse

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IMHO, it wasn’t a good look on Lady GaGa’s part to enter the clubhouse at Yankee Stadium last Friday, after the Yankees lost the opening game of the Subway Series to the cross-rival Mets. The three main reasons:

– GaGa wouldn’t approve if someone simply talked their way in to the backstage area of her concert.
– Media access is much more broad and not as controlled at a sporting event as opposed to most concerts.
– The players aren’t singers or musicians with seperate, closed off dressing rooms. Everyone is in the same room – you also have family and children there.

I love the Yankees, I love GaGa, but the simply put, the singer is in the wrong on this one. For my full opinion, download the segment at the top of the thread.

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