EXCLUSIVE: Tino Coury Prepares Fall LP Release With Label To Be Named

All in all, singer Tino Coury really can’t complain. After relocating from Pittsburgh, PA to Los Angeles to pursue a music career, he finds himself climbing the charts with his catchy power-ballad, “Diary”. Now, Coury is preparing to sign a record deal while finishing up his debut LP, which he hopes to release this fall.

“There’s some things going on with that,” Coury said in response to a comment I made about a rumored record deal. “The Ralphie Radio Show” learned from a source close to Universal Motown Records that the label was actively pursuing the crooner. “Now we’re kind of working out some things and moving so, you’ll be hearing some word about that soon.”

The former high school football standout isn’t allowing a deal or lack thereof to hold up his progress in not only promoting “Diary” but recording an album.

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“I have a lot of songs done, yunno like, 15 to 20 songs actually recorded,” Coury revealed. “I’m gonna keep on going until I have a deadline, and then once that deadline comes the A&R will pick the best ones and the right ones that fit, and kind of narrow it down.”

Coury, calling in from Los Angeles to “The RRS”, spoke about his upbringing in the Steel City, where he aspired to play college football before shattering his wrist, and subsequently his pigskin aspirations.

“That injury was the turning point for me. Once that happened, I really kind of made music my career and took it to the next level,” said Coury. “(Before the injury) I was being recruited by like, D-1 AA schools like Villanova, New Hampshire. Some D-1 A (schools) like Eastern Michigan and Buffalo.”

If nothing else, the wrist injury ensured that he would be living in warmer climates for the rest of his life. But there are some lingering effects from the accident.

“I have three huge scars on it,” Coury noted. “But I’m like in full movement basically and I was told in like another 40 years, that’s when it’s really going to hurt.”

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