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I joined WBRE’s “PA Live!” via Skype from Pittsburgh, where I served as one of the judges for Miss Pennsylvania USA 2012. The pageant’s winner goes on to compete for the crown of Miss USA next summer on NBC.

All in all, singer Tino Coury really can’t complain. After relocating from Pittsburgh, PA to Los Angeles to pursue a music career, he finds himself climbing the charts with his catchy power-ballad, “Diary”. Now, Coury is preparing to sign a record deal while finishing up his debut LP, which he hopes to release this fall.

“There’s some things going on with that,” Coury said in response to a comment I made about a rumored record deal. “The Ralphie Radio Show” learned from a source close to Universal Motown Records that the label was actively pursuing the crooner. “Now we’re kind of working out some things and moving so, you’ll be hearing some word about that soon.”

The former high school football standout isn’t allowing a deal or lack thereof to hold up his progress in not only promoting “Diary” but recording an album.

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“I have a lot of songs done, yunno like, 15 to 20 songs actually recorded,” Coury revealed. “I’m gonna keep on going until I have a deadline, and then once that deadline comes the A&R will pick the best ones and the right ones that fit, and kind of narrow it down.”

Coury, calling in from Los Angeles to “The RRS”, spoke about his upbringing in the Steel City, where he aspired to play college football before shattering his wrist, and subsequently his pigskin aspirations.

“That injury was the turning point for me. Once that happened, I really kind of made music my career and took it to the next level,” said Coury. “(Before the injury) I was being recruited by like, D-1 AA schools like Villanova, New Hampshire. Some D-1 A (schools) like Eastern Michigan and Buffalo.”

If nothing else, the wrist injury ensured that he would be living in warmer climates for the rest of his life. But there are some lingering effects from the accident.

“I have three huge scars on it,” Coury noted. “But I’m like in full movement basically and I was told in like another 40 years, that’s when it’s really going to hurt.”

He’s flying from coast to coast – filming a new movie, “Inkubus” in the east, appearing on “Dancing with the Stars” out west. He just welcomed a second child in to his life. This summer he is preparing for a two week run of “The Producers” in Pittsburgh – on top of countless other appearances and hosting commitments.

Yet somewhere in between all of this, Joey Fatone is finding the time to go back to his roots and launch a solo music career. “Radio” is his first single, and the evening before it hit iTunes, the former ‘N Sync member somehow spared 10 minutes to check in to “The Ralphie Radio Show.”

“It’s been a crazy month of May for me,” Fatone said, arguably a rather large understatement. “It’s been unreal, and I count my blessings every day.”

‘N Sync released its debut, self-titled album 12 years ago. From 1998 to 2003, the group sold 56 million albums worldwide – a number that sounds and reads unfathomable in this day and age. After the boy band disbanded – Justin Timberlake and J.C. Chasez pursued separate music careers. Lance Bass unsuccessfully attempted to launch in to space, before revealing he was gay in 2006. Chris Kirkpatrick hosted a morning radio show and appeared in a couple reality TV programs.

And if you were looking for Fatone, you didn’t need to look any further than the closest screen or stage – because the baritone singer decided he’d pursue everything that didn’t involve recording an album and touring.

“I did ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, and then I went off and did Broadway for a while,” noted Fatone, who appeared in “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Rent.” “And then I was spending time with my wife and my kid, and then I just finally had another kid recently.”

Fatone cites the birth of his second daughter as the reason he backed out of the spotlight – focusing on his family after “Dancing with the Stars” and his various hosting credits, which include the TV Guide Network. Now he’s back on the road – wrapping up his current film, a horror flick in which he stars alongside Robert Englund – the original Freddy Krueger, before the end of the month. Despite the constant activity in his life, Fatone believes the timing is right to return to music.

Part 1: New movie, Return to “Dancing with the Stars”

Part 2: Solo album plans, possible Justin collab, “The Producers” in Pittsburgh

“To have all the guys from ‘N Sync come out with an album at the same time, and just where I was, for me to do more Broadway and obviously not come out with an album, I think for me I’m glad it was kinda that way,” revealed Fatone. “You know, you don’t want people to get bombarded and go, ‘Oh look, Justin’s coming out with an album, oh here’s J.C. coming out with an album, here’s Joey coming out with an album, who’s coming out with an album next?’”

So he waited, and eventually recorded a handful of songs over the past couple years – fine-tuning his work until he was satisfied.

“I’m not the biggest writer, Justin and J.C. were really, really great writers… I’d always come up with concepts but never was a writer for that,” he recalled. “I always wanted to, and over the years developed writing and coming up with more ideas and working with a friend of mine, Rob Giles, who wrote ‘Radio’, it just kind of came together.”

Somehow Fatone fit in writing and recording sessions between his litany of other gigs. He’s only worked with Giles in studio thus far, but plans on reaching out this summer to other potential collaborators, including Timberlake. Fatone agreed with my assessment that Justin is more interested in partnering with other artists at the moment than recording his own material, so now may be the time to snag him for a feature.

“I think right now, because he doesn’t want the pressure on himself to have to go on tour and all that stuff,” said Fatone, who mentioned that he already spoke with Timberlake regarding the possibility. “So I think for him, producing and writing with other people is a great outlet for him, and he can stay at home.”

Certainly much has changed, besides the decline in sales, since ‘N Sync ruled the charts. But Fatone has taken note and adapted. He did not commit to any type of music video for “Radio” until he sees the reaction from fans – which these days, is instant thanks to comments and stat reports from iTunes, Amazon MP3, and YouTube.

“It’s like, why not put it out there, see what happens, and if it starts to grow… for me I’d love to do a tour and go out to maybe like, a House of Blues and do a tour like that,” said Fatone, also mentioning that he’d like to keep that intimate setting for his fans.

“My whole thing is, life’s too short, enjoy what you have, enjoy the music, enjoy spending time with your family, and that’s my vibe in general. I’m not trying to save the world by writing a song that’s going to make everyone hold hands and be one together. No, just have a party, have a good time.”

Some former “American Idol” contestants try and distance themselves from the show when pursuing a solo career after the season ends. Elliott Yamin is not one of those contestants.

“Uh… “Idol,” what’s that?” joked Yamin, who placed third on the fifth season of the show. “Look, the bottom line is, you and I wouldn’t be talking about records and albums and just having this conversation if not for my whole experience from that show.”

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A night before his performance at the Crocodile Rock Café in Allentown, American Idol-alum Elliott Yamin checks in to The RRS to chat about touring, Idol, and baseball.

Yamin called up “The Ralphie Radio Show” to talk records, albums, and performances – as the next night he would take the stage at The Crocodile Rock Café in Allentown.

“I feel like I’m in debt… with the amount of gratitude that I have for (Idol) and the opportunity,” said Yamin. “It was the best thing I could’ve ever done for myself.”

That being said, Yamin notes that despite touring, he’ll try and catch the start of the ninth season, which kicks off this Tuesday on FOX.

“Yesterday, some of the guys (in my band) and I were going through the DVR, and trying to find out what time it came on, so we could record it,” revealed Yamin, who is touring on a bus equipped with DirecTV. “We set the first one to record.”