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Thoughts on Radio

I posted the following statement to my social network accounts on February 19, 2019. Before I turn the page and announce my next gig later this week, I felt it was important to address three things: First, my new job is not in radio. While that is by choice, that is not indicative of my… Read more »

CNN Headline News: Chatting About Fake Deaths, Facebook, and The Bieber

On Tuesday evening I was honored to be invited back to CNN Headline News’ “Prime News”, with newly minted host Vinnie Politan. The panel of four I joined conversed about a plethora of topics – from Justin Bieber to a man in Salem, MA that faked his death to escape a traffic violation (can’t make… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Joey Fatone Launches Solo Music Career Amidst Movies, ‘Dancing’

He’s flying from coast to coast – filming a new movie, “Inkubus” in the east, appearing on “Dancing with the Stars” out west. He just welcomed a second child in to his life. This summer he is preparing for a two week run of “The Producers” in Pittsburgh – on top of countless other appearances… Read more »

Another Reason For BHT Over MP3s…

This EU study suggests that 5-10 percent of MP3 listeners will at one point cause severe and irreparable harm to their hearing thanks to the audio files. No cure is known for hearing loss. So basically, throw down the iPod, and throw on 97 BHT!