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STUDY: Eating Carbs at Night Helps Weight Loss

Did someone say pasta? A new study out of Hebrew University reveals that diet loaded with carbohydrates in the evening reduced daytime hunger and helped people lose 20 percent more weight than going on a traditional low-calorie diet.Full story from NBC here.

STUDY: Chelsea Handler is TV’s Most Overpaid Star

Interesting study from The Los Angeles Times which breaks down a TV star’s salary by what the network is paying per-viewer for the person’s services. Turns out, according to the study, E! is getting ripped off.Of course, more definitive results could be obtained if revenue figures from each person’s show were also factored in –… Read more »

STUDY: 3 Habits For Weight Loss Success

According to a new study out of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, losing weight may be as easy as 1-2-3. The study outlines three simple tips for dieting successfully.– Keep a food diary.– Eat on a regular schedule.– Don’t “eat out” as much.Not sure about you, but I was gone after the… Read more »

AUDIO: Dietitian Talks About 10 Fattest/Skinniest Cities

A new Gallup-Healthways poll has revealed the most and least obese metro areas in the country, based on the percentage of residents considered obese. The results were interesting but not too surprising. John Rickards, a registered dietitian based in Philadelphia, said that factors for the results could certainly include average income, climate, and the amount… Read more »

AUDIO: Stress Expert Brett Cotter Reveals Sure Way to Relieve Stress

Polaris Marketing Research recently conducted a study and found that the biggest cause of stress in women is life. For men, worked stressed them out the most.Brett Cotter is the founder of and broke down the symptoms and the sure way to relief stress on “The Ralphie Radio Show.Brett’s Tips:– Be aware of your… Read more »

AUDIO: Dr. Robert Melillo on New Study That Sleep is Related to ADHD

According to a new study, sleep deprivation, specifically in children, can contribute to attention disorders.As if I need to feel more guilty about the all-nighters I pull.Dr. Robert Melillo is an ADHD expert and a world- renowned neurologist, professor, and researcher in childhood neurological disorders. He chatted about the study’s results on “The Ralphie Radio… Read more »