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On Monday, Carly Rae Jepsen returned to the airwaves with the first single from her forthcoming third studio album. “I Really Like You” is very reminiscent of “Call Me Maybe”: catchy hook, up-tempo synths and lyrics suited for a hopeless romantic.

Also similar to Jepsen’s breakout hit: a little assistance from the guy that helped bring her to the masses, Justin Bieber. The pop star along with Tom Hanks star in the music video for “I Really Like You,” which was filmed in New York City. Bieber discovered Jepsen after hearing “Call Me Maybe” on the radio back in their native Canada. He and his manager, Scooter Braun, signed the singer to a record label deal.

In the spirit of the above interview, we’ll flash you back to some of Ms. Jepsen’s other appearances on our show; none more infamous than her first. This was an interview taped in Philadelphia back in May of 2012. We recorded the interview in the front seat of my car.

Here’s a December 2012 chat in much comfier digs: her record label’s New York office.

Here’s another (and we’ll stop here but there are more) – this one happened during GRAMMY weekend in 2013; Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” was up for Song Of The Year and Best Pop Solo Performance. It lost to fun. “We Are Young” and Adele “Set Fire to the Rain” respectively.

Here’s the next single from Jepsen’s debut American LP, Kiss. Clear this time, she’s not looking for a phone call.

I had a lot of fun joining Buffalo’s the CW 23 to recap some of the big music headlines from 2012 on “Winging It!”

It would be easy to mistake Carly Rae Jepsen as another innocent pop starlet, with infectious hits like “Call Me Maybe” and “Good Time.” But before you anoint her a “goodie two-shoes,” think about this: while she may look and sound much younger, she just turned 27 on November 21.


Plus, have you listened to her next single from Kiss, called “This Kiss”? It is a far from guiltless.

“It’s a little naughty, I’m not going to lie,” Jepsen said of the track when we sat down last week. “It’s a temptation, but I think everyone can relate to it in certain moments of their life and it was just sort of fun to write a song that was a little bit playful and a little bit bad.”

The track basically take you through the thought process of a girl that has a boyfriend but doesn’t want to miss out on kissing another guy – despite the fact that he is also taken. What makes the whole scenario even more interesting, in my opinion, is the fact that Jepsen co-wrote the song with RedFoo of LMFAO and her current boyfriend, Matthew Koma.

Scandalous premonitions aside, 2012 has treated Jepsen quite nicely. As the singer’s tour with Justin Bieber winds down, she continues to receive prestigious awards and invitations. The British Columbia-born artist performed at both the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup, and was honored with the 2012 Billboard Rising Star Award. Jepsen graces the January 2013 cover of Cosmopolitan.

“I was sitting there looking at all of the clothes and being like, ‘Do I get to wear those pretty things?’” she recalled. “It’s sort of crazy to see yourself on (the cover).”

But again, classifying the Canadian as a teen pop star is patently false and simply awkward when you look at the Cosmo cover. A tussle-haired Jepsen is placed in between bold type promising tips on both “epic sex” and “rebound sex.”

Suddenly, the fact that we just met and you want me to call you maybe became even crazier.

You’ve heard many stories about artists linking up at award shows, after parties, and festivals only to eventually collaborate on a song together. But for Carly Rae Jepsen, she became friendly with LMFAO’s RedFoo at a much different location: Los Angeles International Airport.


“I kinda got a little swarmed with paparazzi and some fans,” recalled Jepsen when she called in to “The Ralphie Show.” “I didn’t really know how to handle it at the time, but ‘Foo’ was there with his security guard, and he came over and saved me.”

The artists, who share a home through Interscope Records, were heading in separate directions, but exchanged numbers. After countless text messages and e-mails between the two and Jepsen’s boyfriend Matthew Koma, “This Kiss” was written and produced. The track serves as the third single from Kiss.

Jepsen told me that she looks back on how her U.S. debut album came together, and she knows that there is no way she could duplicate the exact process a second time. Certainly she won’t be traveling to LAX without security anytime soon.

“I’m very well prepared now,” the “Call Me Maybe” singer said. “It was definitely a crazy transition from, yunno knowing that I could go traveling by myself to realizing that that was no longer a totally safe thing to do.”

Speaking of safe things, Jepsen is currently traveling as Justin Bieber’s supporting act on the “Believe Tour.” The Biebs found out the hard way that milk and spaghetti is not a safe bet before performing. Jepsen said that contrary to the singer’s claim, she never knew the two as a “Canadian thing.”

“I’m a little bit more of a… I favor red wine,” the singer said. “I do love my spaghetti.”

And before you question it, yes, Jepsen is well above the legal drinking age in both countries. She turns 27 in November.

Here’s single number three from Kiss. The song was produced by LMFAO’s RedFoo. Jepsen’s U.S. debut is out this Tuesday.

On WBRE’s “PA Live!” for this week’s “The Ralphie Report,” I talked about Carly Rae Jepsen, The Wanted, and Avril Lavigne’s engagement to Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger.

“Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen wouldn’t deny that she definitely took note when her song with Owl City, “Good Time” began to climb up the charts. The track has officially relieved her of the “one hit wonder” moniker.

“I think there definitely was a little bit of a ‘pressure-off’ when I saw that ‘Good Time’ was doing really well,” Jepsen explained aboard her tour bus to “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “But, I try never to focus on the success of a song. It’s more just I feel it when I’m writing it and when it’s done and when the product feel ready.”


That “product” is Jepsen’s debut U.S. album, Kiss.

“No one’s heard it yet; it’s not released until September 18 but, I already feel really pumped and really proud and if people like it, that’s bonus.”

When the Canadian singer says “no one,” she of course means the public. But people inside her camp, including manager Scooter Braun and superstar Justin Bieber, have heard the record in its entirety.

“Scooter called me today saying, ‘You should feel really proud; this is fantastic,” Jepsen said. “At the end of the day, if my family, friends, and I dig it then I feel like I’ve won over my main crowd.”

Jepsen is ramping up press and public appearances leading to the release of Kiss. Then it’s off with The Biebs for a 40-plus date trek of North America on the “Believe” tour. During the run, Jepsen will reunite with a former tour-mate from years ago: guitarist and Bieber musical director Dan Kanter.

“He played with a band called Shiloh,” recalled Jepsen, who toured Canada, in a van, with the group. “We got to know him then, and now we’re gonna be doing it stadium-style later on in life. It’s really, really cool.”

The whole experience with “Call Me Maybe” has been cool in itself for Jepsen, culminating with President Barack Obama telling a radio station in New Mexico that he thinks the track is a “cute pop song.”

“I get surprised every day,” Jepsen admits. “There’s a moment where I’m having to pinch myself. You hear {The President’s comments), you hear that the (U.S.) swim team’s done it, you heard that Katy Perry has decided to make a parody of it. It’s really good news and keeps life really interesting and really exciting right now.”

The Wanted has been in high demand since its introduction to the U.S. earlier this year with the hit single, “Glad You Came” and TV appearances on the likes of “Ellen” and “Chelsea Lately.” But the busy schedule hasn’t slowed the boys down from having a food time.


“There’s a fine balance there, but we like to party harder than we work I suppose,” singer Tom Parker noted when the UK boy band stopped for an interview with “The Ralphie Radio Show.”

“It’s one of them: ‘Are we singing tomorrow?’ ‘No.’ ‘Let’s go out!’” added bandmate Nathan Sykes. He’s the youngest of The Wanted at 19 years old, and will no longer cop to boozing here in America.

“I have to abide by the law and behave myself,” a suddenly semi-serious Sykes said. “So, unfortunately, currently in the States, I am not drinking (alcohol) at all.”

“The fake ID doesn’t work anymore,” Parker quickly shouted. “He’s too famous for that sh*t!”

Regardless of whether it’s water or whiskey, the party won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Matter of fact, the band’s current schedule is so hectic, most of the guys can’t tell you where they’ll be win. The Wanted wasn’t sure when its tour with “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen ended, and also didn’t know what or how many dates they’ll be supporting Jepsen and Justin Bieber. The boys did note that they’re embarking on an international tour later this year and that they’ll be in attendance in Los Angeles for the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. The Wanted is up for “Best New Artist.” The show also falls on Max George’s birthday, September 6.


The future is in his cards… Psychic Jack Mitchell has been offering readings both privately and on the radio for decades. He joined “The Ralphie Radio Show” and offered a number of predictions from the land beyond: the success of Carly Rae Jepsen’s debut U.S. album, the strength of Katy Perry and John Mayer’s relationship, and whether Kevin Hart would be a good fit to host the MTV Video Music Awards or not.

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