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On Friday I checked in with “The Cocktail Professor” LaTanya White to grab three recipes for Cinco de Mayo cocktails that are not margaritas or a beer and are perfect for the summer season. You can hear our chat and check out the recipes below.

From LaTanya:

– The Mexican Commissioner: a take on a 71 Proof Krewe favorite, mix your favorite brand of Mezcal with triple sec and fill pineapple for a smoky toast to la revolucion!

– Felpa Mayo: a sexy summer treat that will take you right to Midtown since it’s a Cinco de Mayo twist on another favorite, Midtown Plush! Take the lovely St Germaine Elderflower Liqueur, add a splash of high quality tequila, top with club soda and squeeze fresh lime…it’s so plush!

– Lastly, Kanye gave the original recipe when he said “You mix the Goose with Malibu and we call it Malibu-yah!”…well for Cinco de Mayo, we take that Goose and use tequila, keep the Malibu and add a healthy splash of pineapple for The Mexicana!

The Wanted has been in high demand since its introduction to the U.S. earlier this year with the hit single, “Glad You Came” and TV appearances on the likes of “Ellen” and “Chelsea Lately.” But the busy schedule hasn’t slowed the boys down from having a food time.


“There’s a fine balance there, but we like to party harder than we work I suppose,” singer Tom Parker noted when the UK boy band stopped for an interview with “The Ralphie Radio Show.”

“It’s one of them: ‘Are we singing tomorrow?’ ‘No.’ ‘Let’s go out!’” added bandmate Nathan Sykes. He’s the youngest of The Wanted at 19 years old, and will no longer cop to boozing here in America.

“I have to abide by the law and behave myself,” a suddenly semi-serious Sykes said. “So, unfortunately, currently in the States, I am not drinking (alcohol) at all.”

“The fake ID doesn’t work anymore,” Parker quickly shouted. “He’s too famous for that sh*t!”

Regardless of whether it’s water or whiskey, the party won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Matter of fact, the band’s current schedule is so hectic, most of the guys can’t tell you where they’ll be win. The Wanted wasn’t sure when its tour with “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen ended, and also didn’t know what or how many dates they’ll be supporting Jepsen and Justin Bieber. The boys did note that they’re embarking on an international tour later this year and that they’ll be in attendance in Los Angeles for the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. The Wanted is up for “Best New Artist.” The show also falls on Max George’s birthday, September 6.


It was a tragic week for celebrities and alcohol – Jackass’s Ryan Dunn dead after crashing his Porsche and Lindsay Lohan flunking yet another alcohol test. TMZ’s Gary Trock offered the latest on both stories.

Catch Gary on TMZ TV, local listings here.

40 is the new 30, not the new 28. According to this report on MSNBC, you should probably be mindful of:

– Smoking tobacco
– Not eating enough fruits and vegtables
– Drinking too much alcohol (men: more than 3 per day; women: more than 2)
– Getting less than two hours of physical activity per week

College Candy posted an article describing the three easiest methods of obtaining a free drink or four at a local watering hole near you…

– Bachelorette Party
– 21st Birthday
– Bad Break Up

Maybe flirting as a fourth?

forbes – yes the same publication that releases the “richest” and “most powerful” people lists, conducted a survey of the hardest-drinking cities in the country.

the commonweath doesn’t receive any love. i’m blown away.

see the “top 10” – here.