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PHOTOS: A Quick Visit To Charlotte

Last weekend I visited Charlotte, N.C. for my first time. A friend of mine from college lives there, so in addition to getting to see them, I was able to experience what “Southern Hospitality” is all about. Overall I was impressed with the area. They call their downtown area “uptown,” thus invoking a Bruno Mars-sing-a-long… Read more »

4 Bad Habits That Can Age You By 12 Years

40 is the new 30, not the new 28. According to this report on MSNBC, you should probably be mindful of:– Smoking tobacco– Not eating enough fruits and vegtables– Drinking too much alcohol (men: more than 3 per day; women: more than 2)– Getting less than two hours of physical activity per week

5 Foods To Try For 2009

– Greek Yogurt (Delish)– Quinoa– Nut Butters– Flax Seed (Good stuff)– Dried Fruits The full article is here. All of the aforementioned foods could help you make that resolution in 2009.

healthy take-out is not an oxymoron…

heath magazine released a list of the top 10 sit-down chains and top 5 fast food joints for healthy grub. some of the mentionables for nepa…– uno’s (dickson city) – olive garden (w-b)– denny’s (all over) (yes, apparently there is a “fit fare” portion of their menu)– panera bread (all over) (my personal fav) –… Read more »