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40 is the new 30, not the new 28. According to this report on MSNBC, you should probably be mindful of:

– Smoking tobacco
– Not eating enough fruits and vegtables
– Drinking too much alcohol (men: more than 3 per day; women: more than 2)
– Getting less than two hours of physical activity per week

The man pictured second from the left is 56-year-old Geoff Spice. He smokes 30 cigarettes a day and has smoked for over 40 years. He’s tried everything to quit smoking, but none of it has worked. So what’s next?

From the Daily Mail UK

And to take his mind off the inevitable cravings, Mr Spice, who lives in Montenegro, will also bring his iPod, loaded with 120 books, and a guitar, which he intends to learn how to play. 

Mr Spice, who will have his last cigarette before arriving on the island on August 1, said: ‘I don’t plan to take any aids like patches with me. I will just be in a position where I cannot get cigarettes no matter how much I want one. 

‘I’m hoping my month on the island may lead to many years of extra life that I’ll be able to spend with my family.’

The island has no home – except for three derelict bothys – so Mr Spice, 56, will have to camp.

Currently moving from Montenegro back to the UK, he began smoking 43 years ago.

‘I first thought about staying on an uninhabited island about 10 years ago when I was living in Australia. It was just a thought which came into my mind from time to time but not something I thought about very seriously. In any case I wouldn’t have really fancied staying on an Australian island which might be uninhabited by humans but inhabited by snakes and spiders,’ said Mr Spice.

According to this study, Pennsylvania doesn’t even crack the Top 10 list of states with the most annual smoking-related deaths.