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PHOTOS: DST, Parades And 5Ks – 5 Things I’m Thankful For Last Weekend

To be honest, it took my body a few days to recover from one of the more hectic weekends in recent memory. Nonetheless, my busy schedule offered me plenty of reasons to be thankful throughout my travels. Here are five of them. – I’m thankful for Daylight Saving Time. Like pretty much everything these days,… Read more »

ATTY. ROBIN BOND: Jon & Kate + 8 PA Dept. Of Labor Issues

Download the mp3 Attorney Robin Bond is a regular guest on The Ralphie Radio Show, an expert on labor law, and bases her practice in Pennsylvania. So, of course she could speak aptly on the legal situations regarding TLC’s “Jon & Kate + 8” – as now The Pennsylvania Department of Labor is investigating whether… Read more »

first lady, mccain, clintons to visit within month…

some quick politics news… – a source with the first lady’s press office confirmed that laura bush will visit the area tomorrow. as of now, the only visit on her itinerary is this fund raiser. – senator john mccain will visit scranton on monday. – senator hillary clinton will campaign in PA for senator barack… Read more »

starbucks in dallas to close…

for those reaching this site outside of nepa, that’s dallas, pa. my source informs me that the workers have been notified, and while some will be placed in different area stores, others will be without a job. furthermore, there may be additional closings in the area. a second source tells me that 70% of the… Read more »