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Even before a former first family took their grandchildren to see “Sesame Street Live! Let’s Party!” in the city, New Jersey native Ashley Budinick was raving about the crowds.

“The show’s been going amazing,” she told me over the phone last Friday, a few days before Bill and Hillary Clinton took in the production with their grandkids on coincidentally enough, Presidents’ Day. “The crowds and the energy from everyone at The Theater at Madison Square Garden have been awesome.”

Budinick, who hails from Brick, served as the show’s dance captain. It ran from February 9-19 inside the Theater at MSG.

“It was a brand new show,” she said. “I love starting everything from scratch and being a part of that process.

“To come back here to New York City and be able to perform for all of my family and friends and everybody else here who is coming to see the show is something I can’t even describe. I get choked up when I start talking about it because that’s something that you dream of as a kid.”

If there was any downside to it all, it might have been the amount of ticket requests Budinick received, but she handled that with a little assistance from her colleagues.

“I had to ask some friends to help me along the way and lend me some of their tickets as well so that I could accommodate everybody to come,” she revealed. “Everybody loves the show, because there’s so much dancing and there are so many interactive moments.”

She mentioned that at some points of the show, characters even come in to the audience. Thankfully, I’m guessing that if Big Bird and Elmo hadn’t passed Secret Service clearance, we would’ve heard about it by now.

The following will appear in this Wednesday’s edition of The Weekender.

An appearance by a disgraced pastor at a 97 BHT event led to a major collaboration between The Ralphie Report and the New York Daily News.

As of late Sunday evening, a reporter from the Daily News and me were in contact, exchanging e-mails. A phone interview followed Monday.

This second stream of communication began with revelation of a cameo by Episcopal Reverend Gregory Malia at “Club HD” – the Thursday night 18-and-up party held weekly inside Evolution at The Woodlands Inn & Resort. The evening in question fell two weeks before Christmas.

It seems the news won’t get better in the New Year for Fr. Greg, who found himself as the subject of a Daily News Sunday edition article last week. The piece cited various sources in outlining nights where Malia would spend tens of thousands of dollars on bottle service at posh nightclubs located throughout Manhattan, primarily in the Chelsea district. Some were quoted as mentioning that Malia was both a generous purchaser and tipper – sending bottles of Dom Perignon to complete strangers, all while throwing down thousands of dollars – and in some cases – shopping sprees as gratuity.

The day the article ran, Bishop Paul V. Marshall of the Diocese of Bethlehem, called for a probe in to the allegations, while stripping Malia of his priestly duties. Bishop Marshall previously appointed Malia vicar of St. James, a summers-only parish in Dundaff.

As widely speculated and confirmed by the Bishop – the small parish isn’t the revenue source of the outlandish Manhattan lifestyle. Rather, Malia’s spending is a result of his pharmacy. New Life Home Care launched in 2000 and specializes in medicines for blood disorders. According to the Daily News, the priest is a hemophiliac.

But this story seems far from finished with news of a rumored night of clubbing right here in Northeastern PA, as well as photos that emerged last week. The shots, printed in the Daily News, depict the pastor partying at New York hotspot Pink Elephant with short-skirted cocktail waitresses while shots were served and bottles handed out.

As of press time, the Diocese’s committee had not reached a decision regarding Malia. But, the Diocese’s website still contains Bishop Marshall’s initial statement, along with a running list of links to various news articles on the events. Yes, there’s even a link to the Daily News’s photo gallery of Fr. Greg inside Pink Elephant.

Call the Diocese what you’d like, but you’d be remiss to call them secretive.


Jon Bon Jovi will perform a fundraiser concert for Senator and soon-to-be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The event, scheduled for later this month, could run you as much as $1,500 per ticket. But if you can afford admission, you will be afforded an intimate performance with the Garden State singer inside Manhattan’s Town Hall.

Clinton is still millions of dollars in debt from her 2008 Presidential Campaign.

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just said hello to nbc’s ron allen… music is fading… sen. bob casey is here as well… looks like the program is getting underway. last i checked, we were priming for a 3:15 start… by golly – it’s 2:36 and we might actually start on time.

“prayer/blessing” just ended… really weird… people were cheering during the speech… aren’t we supposed to remain solumn for it?
pledge just ended as well… i’m going to roam around…

just spoke with sean smith, obama’s spokesperson for pennslyvania. despite my audience of 100,000 people and my connection with him as a syracuse alum, it appears i won’t be speaking with sen. joe biden this afternoon. 

in all fairness, i will say the obama camp has accomodated me more so than the mccain camp. let’s put it like this – david letterman wasn’t the only person duped by mccain’s media people.

anywho, more updates on the way. btw, the clintons are staying at the radisson downtown, saw a number of armored SUVs and state troopers outside en route to the sports complex.

Is Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton as big of a deal to people in Ireland as to Americans?

In short, yes, says Dublin-born rocker Lesley Roy.

The Irish pop singer performed inside The Mines for 97 BHT’s Listener Appreciation Party on Saturday. Despite hailing from a country with a woman president for the past 18 years, Roy believes this election is significant, regardless of the candidates’ genders.

“It means a lot to the rest of the world who’s gonna take over,” Roy remarked. “It’s gonna be intense no matter what, female or male.”

The Republic of Ireland elected its first woman head of state in 1990 with Mary Robinson. In 1997, Mary McAleese succeeded her. McAleese won a seven-year term without contention in 2004.

Now Roy calls New York home – and she appreciates the big city amenities.

“I come from such a small town. (Even the smell) is fine, I really don’t mind it.”

In addition to the lovely street scents and swagger on the corner – it seems as if Roy picked up on another New York staple – b-s-ing. MTV’s The Hills has already featured three of the 21 year-old’s tracks from her new LP, Unbeautiful, including the title track. I inquired as to if she watched The Hills – and she followed up “When my songs are on,” with “I do watch it – I follow Lauren (Conrad) and Heidi (Montag) and I do watch it…”

But the act didn’t last long before Roy’s face turned red and she flashed an embarrassed look to Jive Records Promotions Rep Joe Daddio.

“I’m in a lot of trouble right now,” a laughing Roy said.

Don’t worry Lesley – I haven’t caught much of Season 4 either. Then again, I never pretended to.


Talk about the Karma Train slamming on the breaks. A jury found O.J. Simpson guilty on 12 criminal counts – including kidnapping, armed robbery, and burglary. Simpson faces live in prison.

Most intriguing is the timing – the jury reached its verdict exactly 13 years to the day after a different jury of his peers acquitted Orenthal James Simpson on murder charges stemming from the death of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The guilty verdict emanates from a Las Vegas hotel room encounter-gone-bad – involving a couple of other men, “stolen” collectibles, and handguns.

Simpson will be sentenced in a few months. He faces life in jail.

well look at the e-mail i just received…
You're Invited
This Sunday, October 12th, please join Sen. Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and President Bill Clinton for a rally in Scranton, where they will talk about Barack’s vision for creating the kind of change we need.


some quick politics news…

– a source with the first lady’s press office confirmed that laura bush will visit the area tomorrow. as of now, the only visit on her itinerary is this fund raiser.

– senator john mccain will visit scranton on monday.

– senator hillary clinton will campaign in PA for senator barack obama, and will be with president clinton while in the commonwealth.

you’ll know when i know.

in a sneak look at this week’s ralphie report – which will be published in the weekender.

As if “Concert for a Cause 6” didn’t bring enough of a live music party to Northeast PA last week, 97 BHT brought a little more.

Epic Records artist Kat DeLuna ran the show last weekend inside The Wilkes-Barre Hardware Bar. Kat killed it – in a set just shy of a half-hour that included her hits “Whine Up” and “Run The Show.”

“C’mon PA – we gonna get it poppin’!” Kat emphatically yelled while dancing and singing.

The Bronx-born singer also encouraged the jam-packed audience to join on the fun. In between songs, DeLuna brought a bride-to-be on stage. With Kat’s buoying, the future misses grinded to Enur’s “Calabria”, while masses of college students and thirty-something’s alike cheered.

It’s interesting enough that the former opera singer leads the party inside bars and clubs across the nation. After all, she’s only 20 years old.

“It’s funny because usually I like, go in, perform, and then they’re like, ‘Get out – you have to get out quick!’” Kat said the night previous to the show.

Of course, DeLuna was anything but hurried out of Hardware Bar. After taking refuge in her dressing room, Kat spent another forty minutes meeting and greeting BHT V.I.P. winners in a back hallway directly outside the drinking establishment. Everyone snapped pictures, snagged autographed photos, and even received a compliment or two about their attire.

This certainly isn’t the last anyone will see of the Dominican-rooted star. Her CD, 9 Lives, is set for a summer re-release. Kat’s manager allowed BHT a quick listen to one of the new tracks for the LP – a song that Akon produced and hopped on. The record could be a summer anthem, similar to last year’s “Whine Up.”


Last Tuesday, the dust kicked up by the Presidential Primary in Northeast PA finally settled. In the end, Senator Hillary Clinton emerged from the raucous victorious. The candidate, who spent summers vacationing in Lake Winola, defeated Senator Barack Obama by 10 points. Here in NEPA – Clinton’s margin of victory reached 3-to-1.

About an hour before the polls closed, Senator Clinton reached out to 97 BHT – speaking exclusively with A.J. In The Afternoon and myself.

While speaking with A.J., Clinton reminisced about her vacations in the area, and her grandfather and father’s strong ties to Scranton. I immediately inquired about her plans to help reduce the cost of higher education. I also couldn’t help but ask the junior senator about her current emotions.

“I’m always excited, and a little anxious,” Clinton admitted.

Clinton didn’t need to worry, as her candidacy lived to see another primary.

seriously, this week just kept twirling inside the bht studios…

more about the week that was, and the reason for a lack of postings, here