RALPHIE REPORT: lesley roy’s view…

Is Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton as big of a deal to people in Ireland as to Americans?

In short, yes, says Dublin-born rocker Lesley Roy.

The Irish pop singer performed inside The Mines for 97 BHT’s Listener Appreciation Party on Saturday. Despite hailing from a country with a woman president for the past 18 years, Roy believes this election is significant, regardless of the candidates’ genders.

“It means a lot to the rest of the world who’s gonna take over,” Roy remarked. “It’s gonna be intense no matter what, female or male.”

The Republic of Ireland elected its first woman head of state in 1990 with Mary Robinson. In 1997, Mary McAleese succeeded her. McAleese won a seven-year term without contention in 2004.

Now Roy calls New York home – and she appreciates the big city amenities.

“I come from such a small town. (Even the smell) is fine, I really don’t mind it.”

In addition to the lovely street scents and swagger on the corner – it seems as if Roy picked up on another New York staple – b-s-ing. MTV’s The Hills has already featured three of the 21 year-old’s tracks from her new LP, Unbeautiful, including the title track. I inquired as to if she watched The Hills – and she followed up “When my songs are on,” with “I do watch it – I follow Lauren (Conrad) and Heidi (Montag) and I do watch it…”

But the act didn’t last long before Roy’s face turned red and she flashed an embarrassed look to Jive Records Promotions Rep Joe Daddio.

“I’m in a lot of trouble right now,” a laughing Roy said.

Don’t worry Lesley – I haven’t caught much of Season 4 either. Then again, I never pretended to.


Talk about the Karma Train slamming on the breaks. A jury found O.J. Simpson guilty on 12 criminal counts – including kidnapping, armed robbery, and burglary. Simpson faces live in prison.

Most intriguing is the timing – the jury reached its verdict exactly 13 years to the day after a different jury of his peers acquitted Orenthal James Simpson on murder charges stemming from the death of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The guilty verdict emanates from a Las Vegas hotel room encounter-gone-bad – involving a couple of other men, “stolen” collectibles, and handguns.

Simpson will be sentenced in a few months. He faces life in jail.

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