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NEPA’s Partying Priest In Palm Beach

Download the mp3 The stories of Episcopal Reverend Gregory Malia continue to roll in – from Manhattan to Wilkes-Barre, and now apparently, Palm Beach. and Palm Beach Post Entertainment Reporter Jose Lambiet filled Ralphie in on Fr. Greg’s 10 day rendezvous in Florida. Jose Lambiet – Read His Report Here.

RALPHIE REPORT: Partying Priest leads to Daily News Collab

The following will appear in this Wednesday’s edition of The Weekender.—An appearance by a disgraced pastor at a 97 BHT event led to a major collaboration between The Ralphie Report and the New York Daily News. As of late Sunday evening, a reporter from the Daily News and me were in contact, exchanging e-mails. A… Read more »

RALPHIE REPORT: Father Party-er of Wilkes-Barre

REVISED 12/30/2008The following will appear this Wednesday in The Weekender.—Turns out that one of the most extravagant partiers that calls The Valley their residence, doesn’t even party within Northeastern PA. He is 43 year-old Gregory Malia – but many in the area as well as the bar staffs he so generously tips simply know him… Read more »