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According to this study, Pennsylvania doesn’t even crack the Top 10 list of states with the most annual smoking-related deaths.

President Barack Obama – The first Black President and now, the first Wired President. Details here.

We’re in a recession, REAL reporters, like my friends from Syracuse University, can’t find work.

Yet Joe The Plumber just landed a reporting gig.

Obviously you can’t see a contraceptive in a sex scene, but now the dialogue in some soap operas suggests a more overt attempt to relay a safe-sex message to women.

Article is here.

Apparently playtime is a really good thing for your kids… find out why here.

This story might bring you new found hope – and it has nothing to do with President-Elect Obama. Apparently this cat returned to its owner.

After a 13-year seperation.

eh, no. instead, the company is posting calorie totals on its menus.

as if us health nuts didn’t have enough reasons not to eat there?

are childless.

more women are having fewer children. the study is here.

so mary kate olsen refuses to speak with feds regarding the death of heath ledger – unless she’s granted full immunity from prosecution…

the skinny (no pun intended) is here.

btw -batman is number one at the box office again.

disturbing study, details here.