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VIDEO: Hoda Kotb Is Proof Good Things Happen To Good People

Congratulations to Hoda Kotb on her new gig as the permanent co-host of “Today,” alongside Savannah Guthrie. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Hoda on a couple of occasions and I must say, in-person she is exactly who you think she is: warm, inclusive, inviting and of course usually down for a good laugh. Of… Read more »

INTERVIEW: Marc Scibilia On Playing TODAY And His Love For Desserts

We caught up with friend-of-the-show Marc Scibilia recently on “Ralphie Tonight.” His new album, ‘Out Of Style,’ is set for an October 30 release. Scibilia just dropped the music video for the first single, “How Bad We Need Each Other,” featuring Vine star Brandon Bowen. He also made his national TV debut with a performance… Read more »

INTERVIEW: Hoda Kotb On Mentoring Kids At Garden of Dreams Talent Show

She is no stranger to entertaining millions, whether it is on “TODAY” with Kathie Lee Gifford and a glass of wine or while jamming out to “Uptown Funk” on “Lip Sync Battle.” But on June 18 Hoda Kotb will focus on a small, figuratively and literally, portion of her audience. The TV host is one… Read more »

Wanna Become a YouTube Star? Start With These 6 Steps

Some of these tips are obvious, others – not so much.– Know the topic & audience– Make sure the sound is clear– Make sure you’re well-lit– Clear the background of anything distracting– Have a good idea of what you’re going to say before recording– Keep it to :60 sec or less if possibleWhen you’re ready… Read more »

DR. ANDREA BARTHWELL: Ted Williams’ Rehab Stints

Viral sensation and voiceover talent Ted Williams is in his second rehab stint in the past three months.A leading expert and doctor in addiction medicine and a former deputy director under President George W. Bush, Dr. Andrea Barthwell called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” to share her thoughts on Williams’ placement in a sober… Read more »

healthy take-out is not an oxymoron…

heath magazine released a list of the top 10 sit-down chains and top 5 fast food joints for healthy grub. some of the mentionables for nepa…– uno’s (dickson city) – olive garden (w-b)– denny’s (all over) (yes, apparently there is a “fit fare” portion of their menu)– panera bread (all over) (my personal fav) –… Read more »