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You’d think an increase in children aged 10-12 years old using social media sites like Facebook would be a news flash to their parents – but the exact opposite is true. Turns out, the parents are allowing, and even assisting, their kids in cheating Facebook’s age restrictions (Facebook requires users to be at least 13 years old).

The full read is here.

Last month Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman called in to talk about her book and her research on the hazards that radiation from cell phones and other mobile devices produce.

Now, a new study reveals that the technology is affecting the brain, but some scientists are still unsure exactly how, and if it is something of serious concern.

This EU study suggests that 5-10 percent of MP3 listeners will at one point cause severe and irreparable harm to their hearing thanks to the audio files.

No cure is known for hearing loss.

So basically, throw down the iPod, and throw on 97 BHT!

Study is here.

A nice win for the good guys (and gals)… read all about it here. Also coming in February – The Ralphie Radio Show teams up with local high schools and the Komen Foundation for a little hoops, awareness, and fundraising. Details to follow…

OK, so listening to music is mentioned in this study from Yale University – but it seems the affects of heavy TV and web usage can yield far worse effects on your children.

According to this study from The University of Maryland – yes!

according to this study, people who have unhealthy food in their house have an easier time resisting it…

eh, always want what you can’t have. right?

i LOVE breakfast, btw. click here for the article.

i LOVE breakfast, btw. click here for the article.