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Did someone say pasta? A new study out of Hebrew University reveals that diet loaded with carbohydrates in the evening reduced daytime hunger and helped people lose 20 percent more weight than going on a traditional low-calorie diet.

Full story from NBC here.


It is that time of year, when it is a little more difficult to find a treadmill at the gym. Weight loss expert Daniel Radinsky is the COO of The Sadkhin Complex. He thinks the best decisions you could make for your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. Here are some of his tips to keep that resolution throughout the year.

– Don’t eat leftovers.
– Walk nightly for exercise, stress reduction.
– Watch what time you are eating breakfast/dinner.
– Try to find healthy food you enjoy to eat.


Thanksgiving is one holiday centered around the food. Weight loss expert Daniel Radinsky is the COO of The Sadkhin Complex. He’ll be enjoying the holiday and time with family, while also watching what he eats. Here are some of his tips for a healthier Turkey Day, without turning in to the actual turkey.

– Stay hydrated, drink water and/or tea.
– Eat a small meal before dinner so that you are less likely to over-eat during the big meal.
– Do your best to stay away from carbs.
– Enjoy vegatables with your meal, especially the seasonal crops such as pumpkin.
– Go for a nice, long walk after dinner.

According to this LiveScience study, worry about nutrition – then physical activity, if you want to keep the lbs off.