EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Jarrell Reveals ‘My World’ Tour Backstage Shenanigans

Sure, they may be a group of talented and popular artists who comprise the lineup of one of the hottest tickets this summer. But don’t think for one second that the performers on Justin Bieber’s “My World” tour aren’t having the time of their lives.

“We do a lot of fun things before the show, like today we’re thinking about playing ‘Hide and Seek’ around the venue,” said 15 year-old Jessica Jarrell in an interview Wednesday on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Jarrell met Bieber about a year and a half ago, and now calls him a tour mate in addition to a friend. “(We have) like water fights and stuff, it’s been awesome.”

Bieber and Jarrell aren’t the only ones in on the shenanigans – fellow artists Sean Kingston and Iyaz also partake in the fun.

“We got them in the water fight just a few weeks ago,” Jarrell excitedly revealed. “Me and Justin teamed up and attacked Sean and Iyaz and all of them. We won!”

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Jessica’s single “Up and Running” featuring Travie McCoy was the night’s Daily Download.

Of course, touring with one of the biggest pop acts in the world at a young age can have its downside, but Jarrell seems to be acclimating herself just fine.

“Me and Justin went to Mall of America and we started running – and hid in the Macy’s beds and then they ran right past us,” the singer recalled, as her and Bieber avoided a group of fans who spotted the two at the biggest mall in the country. “It was so funny, it was so cool. We just started cracking up.”

Jarrell is unaware if she’ll continue on the second leg of the “My World” tour this fall, but said it’s “highly possible.” Her duet with Bieber, “Overboard”, appears on My World 2.0 and will also land on Jarrell’s debut LP. The lead singer from her album, “Up and Running”, features Gym Class Heroes front man and “Billionaire” emcee Travie McCoy.

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